CSE5542 - (Not So)Real-Time Rendering

CSE5542 is offered under the auspices of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering,The Ohio State University. It is a service course and will strive to serve all those interested and enthusiastic about computer graphics. This offering will provide an introduction to digital representation of geometry and photometric attributes, and rendering.

Course Contents: OpenGL, OpenGL shading language, 3D Printing; Rasters vs Vectorized; Geometry - Transformations, viewing  and projection; Photometry - illumination, texture mapping; advanced shading and lighting; shadow algorithms;  Rendering - visibility and occlusion culling; advanced topics.

The Highlights: 3D Printing, WebGL, OpenGL, GLSL

Text Books:
  1. OpenGL Programming Guide (OpenGL 4.3), 8th edition, Addison Wesley
  2. Interactive Computer Graphics, A top-down approach, Edward Angel, 7th Edition, Addison Wesley

Instructor: Raghu Machiraju, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, The Ohio State University

Grading Assistant: Tzu-Hsuan Wei, Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Time: MWF 11:10 AM -12:30 PM:, Dreese Labs 0264

Office Hours:   
                  Instructor-M: 3-4 PM, TR 12:30-1:30 PM, DL 779. Contact at machiraju dot 1 at osu dot edu.

                  Grader-M 4:30-5:30 PM, W,F 3-5 pm. Contact Wei at  wei.225 AT buckeyemail DOT osu DOT edu.

Grade Distribution: Labs:45% (10+8+14+13),  Quizzes:20%(4x5), Midterm(TakeHome):15% Final Project+Presentation:20%

Class Help/Watering Hole: Piazza - https://piazza.com/osu/spring2015/cse5542/home

The Schedule & Lectures

Week 1
Introduction to the Course, Graphics, Art and 3D Printing, WebGL
Reading Assignment: - Ch. 1
Week 2
Graphics Systems, Hardware, & Programming - OpenGL, WebGL, GLSL
Reading Assignment - Ch. 2
Week 3
GL Programming Examples from Text and Elsewhere
pdf Reading Assignment - Ch. 2
Week 4
GL Programming & Transformations - Math, Coordinate Systems, Affine Transformations, Color
pdf Code Review - 2/10, Quiz-1 - 2/12
Week 5 Geometric Modeling - 3D Printing,  OpenGL code
pdf Reading: Red Book, Chapter 5, Code Review - 2/17
Week 6
3D Viewing - Pinhole Camera, Parallel/Perspective Transforms pdf Code Review - 2/24
Week 7
Perspective/Modeling Tansforms, Lighting and  Shading pdf 3/3 - Lab II discussion, 3/5-3/8 Miderm
Week 8
Lighting and  Shading
pdf 3/10,  3/10 - Miderm
Week 9
Spring Break
pdf 3/16-3/20
Week 10
Teap Pots, Modeling, Bezier Curves and Surfaces
pdf Lab III discussion
Week 11
Clipping, Scan Conversion, Hidden Surface Removal (z-buffer), Texture Mapping

Week 12
Rendering Spheres, ProceduralTextures, Compositing, Antialiasing pdf Quiz II
Week 13
Heirarchical Models,  pdf
Week 14
More Shaders - Geometry and Tessellation shaders, GLSL code pdf Quiz III
Week 15
Advanced Modeling and Rendering
Week 16
pdf Quiz IV
Lecture Notes: Find Here.
Take-Home Midterm Start: 03/05-03/08:
The Exam

Quiz Keys: 2/12 - Key1, 4/9 - Key2, 4/16 - Key3, 4/23 - Key4
  1. Lab I - Lots of Fractals: Announced: 01/27, Due: 02/12 - WebGL, 2D Objects.
  2. Lab II  - A Minion Factory: Announced: 02/12, Due: 03/10 - 3D Printing I (Minions)
  3. Lab III - A Homage to the Utah Teapot: Announced: 03/10, Due: 04/05 -  3D Printing II (Teapots), Virtual Teapots, Illumination
  4. Lab IV - A Fly in the Solar System: Announced: 4/2, Due: 04/28 - Heirarchical Models(inner Solar System), Texturing, Camera paths, Illumination, Particle Systems
Final Exam:
Take Home - Start: 05/04,11:30 AM  Due: 05/06 10:00 AM - The Review. The Exam.
Useful Links
  1. Frank Dietrich - Visual Intelligence, The First Decade of Computer Art.
  2. OSU Digital Artist, Chuck Csuri - OSU Archive, SIGGRAPH profile.
  3. James Elkins - Art History and the Criticism of Computr-Generated Images.
  4. I. Carlbom, J. Pacioerk, "Planar Geometric Projection and Viewing Transformations," Computing Surveys, 10(4), 465-502, 1978.
  5. I. E. Sutherland, Sketchpad: A Man-Machine Graphical Communicaton System, SJCC, 329, Spartan Books, Baltimore, MD, 1963.
  6. E. R. Tufte, The Visual Display of Quantitative Information, Graphics Press, 1983.
  7. E. R. Tufte, Envisioning Information, Graphics Press, 1990.
  8. E. R. Tufte, Visual Explanations, Graphics Press, 1997.
Digital Models
  1. Large Geometric Models Archive