CIS888.14X: Advanced Computer Animation

Advanced Computer Animation

888 is a seminar in advanced computer animation, with an emphasis mainly in computer character animation. It's primary justification is as an excuse for getting my Ph.D. advisees and other advanced computer animation students together at one time.

Also, see list of possible projects (accessible from the domain)

Winter '10: review recent book

Luiz Velho, Paulo Cezar Pinto Carvalho, Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo, Jonas Gomes, Mathematical Optiimization in Computer Graphics and Vision, Elsevier Inc., Morgan Kaufmann Publ., New York 2008.

For Autumn '09: recent animation papers

Topics NOTE: Everybody should choose one or two or three topics that is of interest and email me about it - so I can 'approve' your topic for the quarter. do this by next wednesday, 10/7.


Final Presentations:

For Spring '09: PDE in Graphics

For Winter '09: Implement paper from literature

For Autumn '08: review papers from SIGGRAPH, SCA, CASA

For Winter '08

Give overviews of areas of character animation. Email me a pdf of your presentation afterward (or beforehand if you have it ready in time for others in the class to print it and follow along).

Topic assignments are:

for Autumn '07

for Spring '07

for Winter '07

SIGGRAPH and SCA papers for Autumn '06

Markerless Mocap for Spring '06

Links for tracking

Behavior for Autumn '05, Winter '06

Cloth for Spring '04

Talking Head Project for Autumn '03

Sminshisescu's work for Spring '03

Tracking Project for Autumn '02 888L

MoCap Info from Spring '02 888