11th International Workshop on Feedback Computing

Feedback Computing 2016

Co-located with ICAC 2016, held in Wurzburg from July 19 to July 22, 2016.


Call for Papers

In 2016, the Feedback Computing workshop will feature invited talks from prolific researchers and practitioners working with feedback-driven systems. In addition, the feedback computing workshop will also feature research contribu­tions and position papers on advancing feedback control technolo­gies and their applications in computing systems, broadly defined. Topics of interest include but are not limited to:

  • Theoretical foundations for feedback computing
  • New control paradigms and system architecture
  • Sensing, actuation, and data management in feedback computing
  • Learning and modeling of computing system dynamics
  • Design patterns and software engineering
  • Experiences and best practices from real systems
  • Studies with new or emerging types of feedback, e.g., Twitter analysis, approximate computing, crash reports, markets or user studies
  • Applications in domains such as big data, cloud comput­ing, computer networks, cyber-physical systems, data center resource management, distributed systems, mobility, power management and sustainability, real-time systems, and social networks

We solicit research papers containing original research results and challenge papers motivating new research directions. In addition, the workshop will facilitate discussion and collaborative research among the participants. For instructions about the format and the submission link, see the submission guidelines page.