11th International Workshop on Feedback Computing

Feedback Computing 2016

Co-located with ICAC 2016, held in Wurzburg from July 19 to July 22, 2016.


Program -- July 19, 2016

09:00- Joint ICAC 2016 Keynote
10:00- Break
10:30- Greetings from the chairs

Session #1: Feed the Cyborg
10:40- Bruno Sinopoli, Carnegie Mellon University
A Control-Theoretic Approach for Dynamic Adaptive Video Streaming over HTTP

11:30- K. Peng and C. T. Morrison, University of Arizona
Model Predictive Prior Reinforcement Learning for a Heat Pump Thermostat [pdf]

11:50- K. Kiriakidis, T. Severson and B. Connett, United States Naval Academy
Detecting and Isolating Attacks of Deception in Networked Control Systems [pdf]

12:10- Breakout Groups
Work together in teams to brainstorm answers to grand challenges for feedback computing.

12:30 - 14:00: Lunch (sit with your breakout group)

Session #2: Feedback-Driven Analytics
14:00- Niklas Karlsson, AOL Platforms
Modeling and Control of Online Advertising

14:50- D. Singh and S. Krishna Ps and R. Pasumarthy, IIT MADRAS
Modeling and Performance management of a Virtualized Web-server [pdf]

15:10- Summary of Breakout Sessions and Discussion

16:00- Break

Session #3: Can the Cloud Accept Feedback? Gracefully?
16:30- Mark Squillante,IBM Research
Optimal Feedback Control of Computing Systems under Uncertainty

17:20- S. Zhang and J. Yao, Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Multi-Resource Scheduling with Consideration of Differential Services in Multi-Tenant Sharing [pdf]

17:40- S. Cerf, M. Berekmeri, B. Robu, N. Marchand and S. Bouchenak, GIPSA lab & INSA Lyon
Adaptive Optimal Control of MapReduce Performance, Availability and Costs [pdf]

19:00pm : ICAC Welcome Reception