Chaoshun Zuo

Postdoctoral Scholar
Computer Science and Engineering
Ohio State University

Office: 439 Baker Systems Bldg
E-mail: zuo DOT 118 AT osu DOT edu

Short Bio

I'm a postdoctoral scholar in the CSE department in the OSU where I received my PhD degree in 2020 advised by Professor Zhiqiang Lin. Before joining OSU, I graduated from Shandong University with the Bachelor's and Master's degree of Computer Science advised by Professor Shanqing Guo (ZH).

Research Interests


  • Playing Without Paying: Detecting Vulnerable Payment Verification in Native Binaries of Unity Mobile Games
    Chaoshun Zuo, Zhiqiang Lin
    USENIX 2022 Boston, MA, USA. Aug. 2022

  • PeriScope: Comprehensive Vulnerability Analysis of Mobile App-defined Bluetooth Peripherals
    Qingchuan Zhao, Chaoshun Zuo, Jorge Blasco, Zhiqiang Lin
    AsiaCCS 2022 Nagasaki, Japan. May 2022

  • A Measurement Study of Wechat Mini-Apps
    Yue Zhang, Bayan Turkistani, Allen Yuqing Yang, Chaoshun Zuo, Zhiqiang Lin
    SIGMETRICS 2021 Beijing, China. June 2021

  • Automatic Uncovering of Hidden Behaviors From Input Validation in Mobile Apps
    Qingchuan Zhao, Chaoshun Zuo, Brendan Dolan-Gavitt, Giancarlo Pellegrino, Zhiqiang Lin
    S&P 2020 San Francisco, USA. May 2020

  • FIRMSCOPE: Automatic Uncovering of Privilege-Escalation Vulnerabilities in Pre-Installed Apps in Android Firmware
    Mohamed Elsabagh, Ryan Johnson, and Angelos Stavrou, Chaoshun Zuo, Qingchuan Zhao, and Zhiqiang Lin
    USENIX 2020 Boston, MA, USA. Aug. 2020

  • An Empirical Study of Potentially Malicious Third-Party Libraries in Android Apps
    Zicheng Zhang, Wenrui Diao, Chengyu Hu, Shanqing Guo, Chaoshun Zuo, Li Li
    WiSec 2020 Linz, Austria. Jul. 2020

  • Automatic Fingerprinting of Vulnerable BLE IoT Devices with Static UUIDs from Mobile Apps
    Chaoshun Zuo, Haohuang Wen, Zhiqiang Lin, Yinqian Zhang
    CCS 2019 London, UK. November. 2019.

  • The Betrayal At Cloud City: An Empirical Analysis Of Cloud-Based Mobile Backends
    Omar Alrawi*,Chaoshun Zuo*, Ruian Duan, Ranjita Pai Kasturi, Zhiqiang Lin, Brendan Saltaformaggio (*co-first authors)
    USENIX 2019 Santa Clara, CA, USA. August. 2019.
    Top 10 Finalists of CSAW Best Applied Research Paper Award

  • Why Does Your Data Leak? Uncovering the Data Leakage in Cloud From Mobile Apps
    Chaoshun Zuo, Zhiqiang Lin, Yinqian Zhang
    S&P 2019, San Francisco, CA, USA. May. 2019.

  • Your IoTs Are (Not) Mine: On the Remote Binding Between IoT Devices and Users
    Jiongyi Chen, Chaoshun Zuo, Wenrui Diao, Shuaike Dong, Qingchuan Zhao, Menghan Sun, Zhiqiang Lin, Yinqian Zhang, Kehuan Zhang
    NSD 2019, Portland, Oregon, USA. Jun. 2019.

  • Geo-locating Drivers: A Study of Sensitive Data Leakage in Ride-Hailing Services
    Qingchuan Zhao, Chaoshun Zuo, Giancarlo Pellegrino, Zhiqiang Lin
    NDSS 2019, San Diego, CA, USA. Feb. 2019.

  • IoTFuzzer: Discovering Memory Corruptions in IoT Through App-based Fuzzing
    Jiongyi Chen, Wenrui Diao, Qingchuan Zhao, Chaoshun Zuo, Zhiqiang Lin, XiaoFeng Wang, Wing Cheong Lau, Menghan Sun, Ronghai Yang, Kehuan Zhang
    NDSS 2018, San Diego, CA, USA. Feb. 2018.

  • AuthScope: Towards Automatic Discovery of Vulnerable Authorizations in Online Services
    Chaoshun Zuo, Qingchuan Zhao, Zhiqiang Lin
    CCS 2017, Dallas, Texas, USA. Oct. 2017.

  • Exposing Server URLs of Mobile Apps With Selective Symbolic Execution
    Chaoshun Zuo, Zhiqiang Lin
    WWW 2017, Perth, Australia. April 2017.

  • Automatic Forgery of Cryptographically Consistent Messages to Identify Security Vulnerabilities in Mobile Services
    Chaoshun Zuo, Wubing Wang, Rui Wang, Zhiqiang Lin
    NDSS 2016, San Diego, CA, USA. February 2016.

  • Automatically Detecting SSL Error-Handling Vulnerabilities in Hybrid Mobile Web Apps
    Chaoshun Zuo, Jianliang Wu, Shanqing Guo
    AsiaCCS 2015, Singapore. April 2015.

Work Experience

  • Graduate Research Assistant 2015.8 - Present      
  • Software Engineering Intern at AppBugs 2017.5 - 2017.8