NEW: I will be joining the Halicioglu Data Science Institute at University of California, San Diego as a Professor in summer 2020. My new website is here.

Till Aug 2020, I have been a Professor in the Computer Science and Engineering Department at the Ohio State University. I co-directed the Foundations of Data Science Research Community of Practice (CoP) at Translational Data Analytics Institute (TDAI@OSU) from 2018-2020.

I obtained my M.S and Ph.D degrees from Duke Univ. (where I received the Best PhD Dissertation Award at CS Dept), and B.S. degree from Tsinghua Univ (graduated with First Class Honors). Before joining OSU, I was a post-doctoral researcher at Geometric Computing lab in Stanford Univ from 2004-2005. I received DOE (Dept. of Energy) Career award in 2006, and NSF (National Science Foundation) Career award in 2008. I belong to the TGDA@OSU (Topology, Geometry, and Data Analysis) and the Theory groups at OSU. I am a founding member for the NSF TRIPODS Center at OSU. I am on the editorial board for SICOMP and JoCG. I currently serve on the Computational Geometry Steering Committee. See my CV and the research page for more details.

Together with a multi-institute team, we just received a NSF HDR DIRESE-IL grant to work on a multi-disciplinary project "I-AIM: Interpretable augmented intelligence for multiscale material discovery". The Kickoff meeting will be held at OSU from Oct 25 - 26, 2019, at MBI@OSU and Steam Factory.

My Erdös number is 2.

I primarily work in the fields of Computational geometry, and Computational and applied topology. My work lies at the intersection of computer science (especially algorithms) and applied mathematics (especially applied topology, discrete and combinatorial geometry). I am particularly interested in developing effective and theoretically justified algorithms for data / shape analysis using geometric and topological ideas and methods, as well as to integrate such methods with machine learning frameworks. I aim to both provide theoretical understanding of various computational methods developed, and to apply them to practical domains, including computational biology, computational neuroanatomy, geometric modeling, computer graphics and visualization.

Family: Here is a link to my husband Misha Belkin, and our two wonderful children.