Hari Subramoni

I am an Assistant Professor in the Dept. of Computer Science & Engineering at the Ohio State University.

We have multiple positions available for enthusiastic and motivated undergraduate and graduate to work on various projects. Please contact me for more details.

Short Biography

Hari Subramoni is an assistant professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at the Ohio State University, USA. His current research interests include high performance interconnects and protocols, parallel computer architecture, network-based computing, exascale computing, network topology aware computing, QoS, power-aware LAN-WAN communication, fault tolerance, virtualization, big data, and cloud computing. He has published over 160 papers in international journals and conferences related to these research areas. Recently, Dr. Subramoni is doing research and working on the design and development of MVAPICH2, MVAPICH2-GDR, and MVAPICH2-X software packages.

Office Address and Contact Information

Department of Computer Science and Engineering,
772 Dreese Laboratories,
2015 Neil Avenue,
Columbus, OH 43210-1277

E-mail: E-mail: subramoni.1@osu.edu
Phone: (614) 688 8320, Fax: (614) 292 2911