PhD Students
Jayson Boubin, webpage
Research Highlights: Winner CSE Departmental Fellowship
Nathaniel Morris, webpage
Research Highlights: Ford Fellowship Honorable Mention, ICAC 2017 and SOSP 2017 Travel Grant, Developing novel models to predict response time under computational sprinting
Jaimie Kelley, webpage
Graduated 2017: Assistant Professor at Denison University (tenure track)
Aniket Chakrabarti, webpage Graduated 2017: Applied Scientist at Microsoft AI and Research team
Zichen Xu (informal advisor), webpage
Graduated 20166: Associate Professor at Nanchang University
Nan Deng, webpage
Graduated 2015: SWE in Cloud Computing at Google
Masters Students
Siva Meenakshi Renganathan, 2017, Apple
Rashmi Rao, 2017, Data scientist at Exact Software
Puja Gupta, 2015, Qualcomm
Sundeep Kambhampati, 2014 , Microsoft
Research Highlight: Parallelized version EAGLET now used in production (IC2E 2013)
Umang Vipal, 2014, a2z inc
Xi Qiu, 2014,
Jianwei Tu, 2014, Snapchat
Chen Li, 2013, VMWare
Daiyi Yang, 2011, Reinvate
Jing Li, 2011, Microsoft

Undergraduate Students
Shiqi Zhang, 2017
Stephanie Mohammed, 2016, Exact Software
Brian Carr, 2015, Microsoft
Xiaoran Hu, 2014, went to USC
Research highlight: Undergraduate thesis
Ashley Biales-Wise, 2014, first employment GM
Alex Bunch, 2012, went to Carnegie Mellon University
Research highlight: Alex's undergraduate thesis laid the framework for

Summer Interns
Onix Tarrat, SROP, 2017
CeDale Smith, SROP, 2014
Joel Poualeu, DREU, 2010
Nelson Burgos, DREU, 2010