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  • An extended version of Transactuation accepted at ACM TOCS (2020)!
  • Joined the Automated Reasoning Group at Amazon AWS!
  • Transactuation invited to be submitted to ACM Transactions on Computer Systems!
  • Transactuation wins the Best Paper Award at USENIX ATC 2019!
  • Transactuation accepted at Usenix ATC 2019 .
  • I joined Samsung Research America on July 2017.
  • Defended my PhD Dissertation: Efficient Compiler and Runtime Support for Strong Semantics on Commodity Hardware: Dissertation.
  • Paper on bounded region serializability using HTM accepted at CGO 2017. Presented the work at Austin on Feb 6, 2017.
  • Completed an internship at Microsoft Research. Worked with an amazing team on memory pressure aware server provisioning.
  • Presented a poster on bounded region serializability at OOPSLA 2015 student research competition.
  • Paper on enforcement of stronger memory model for Java accepted at PPPJ 2015. Presented the paper at Melbourne, Florida.
  • Passed PhD candidacy examination.
  • Paper on enforcement of strong semantics using hybrid static-dynamic analysis accepted at ASPLOS 2015. Presented the paper at Istanbul, Turkey.
  • Presented a poster on a novel technique to enforce serializability at PLDI 2013 student research competition.
       I am interested in work related to runtimes, programming models, parallel and distributed system software, hardware and software TM, and program analysis (static and dynamic analysis).

I enjoy desigining and implementing runtimes for concurrent systems considering tradeoffs between performance and correctness across the software stack.

I completed my PhD. under the guidance of Prof. Michael D. Bond. Our research group at OSU: PLaSS. My research was directed towards low-overhead, state-of-the-art solutions that enforce strong semantics in ill-synchronized programs using hyrbid static-dynamic analysis, runtime support, compiler transformations, and software or hardware transactional memory, all on commodity hardware. I had the opportunity to collaborate with Prof. Milind Kulkarni at Purdue on several projects that are part of my PhD dissertation.
I joined the Automated Reasoning Group at Amazon. I am working on enforcing correctness properties on AWS services at scale. Previously I was a Researcher at Samsung Research, in SRA's Artificial Intelligence Center, working on building systems targeting reliability, performance, and explainability.

Here is a shorter resume: resume.
My academic CV is here: CV.

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Education: I completed my Ph.D. at The Ohio State University focusing on programming language and runtime systems for reliable concurrent programs. I have done my Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science and Engineering from Vellore Institute of Technology, India.

        Selected Courses:
  1. Foundations of Programming Languages (CSE 755)
  2. Analysis of Algorithms (CSE 780)
  3. Computer Architecture (CSE 775)
  4. Compiler Design and Impl. (CSE 756)
  5. Advanced Operating Systems (CSE 760)
  6. Computability and Complexity (CSE 6321)
  7. Distributed Algorithms (CSE 6333)
  8. Introduction to Parallel Computing (CSE 5441)
  9. Advanced Parallel Computing (CSE 6441)
  10. Dynamic Program Analysis and Runtime Systems for Reliable Concurrent Software (CSE 5349)
  11. Compile-time Program Analysis and Transformations (CSE 5349)
  12. Dynamic Analysis of Software (CSE 5239)

About Me: I am from Kolkata (Calcutta), India. I am an avid fan of the game of cricket and love playing the game too.