Schedule for CSE 3341

Note on reading material: You do not need to read everything listed in the table under "Reading". The starting point should always be the lecture notes. If you need more details on a specific issue, look it up in the book.

Date Topic Reading Lecture Notes
8/22 Course Info Syllabus.pdf
  Introduction Ch. 1 Intro.pdf ; also see here
  Languages and Grammars Ch. 2 Grammars.pdf
9/3 Labor Day, no classes
  Recursive Descent Ch. 2 RecursiveDescent.pdf
  Imperative Languages Ch. 6, 8 Imperative.pdf
  Object-Oriented Languages Ch. 9 ObjectOriented.pdf
10/10 Midterm exam, 1:50 pm - 2:45 pm Scores: median 71, distribution
10/31 Canceled due to business trip
  Functional Languages Ch. 10 Functional.pdf
11/12 Veteran's Day, no classes
  Types in Programming Languages Ch. 7 Types.pdf
11/21-23 Thanksgiving break
12/3 Last class
12/10 Final exam, 4:00 pm - 5:45 pm