Information for Graders

Here's what I expect:
  1. Hold office hours and meet with students when they have questions
  2. As per Departmental policy, I grade the midterm(s) and final, you grade homeworks and labs.
  3. Grade uniformly - don't make exceptions for one student that you wouldn't make for every student in the class
  4. Get assignments graded and back to the students within one week
  5. Give students feedback whenever possible
  6. Let me know if someone is submitting assignments who is not on your roster.
  7. Keep an excel spreadsheet of the grades. If you want to use some other software to keep the grades, let me know so I can plan accordingly.
  8. Let me know if there is a mistake on the solution set. You should quickly get a sense of who the good students are in class and if they get a problem wrong, double check the solution set.

I try not to adjust a grade of something you graded - in order to maintain consistency in the grading. If a student complains to me about a grade that you gave them, I will send them to you. If you and the student can't resolve the issue, then I will step in, but my bias is to let your grade stand unless I think it is particularly out of whack.

If you want to make exceptions to grading late homeworks, regrading labs, etc., that's up to you. My only advice is to be consistent with how you handle students.

Also see the Departmental web site

Rick Parent
Last updated: Friday, 02-Apr-2004 09:55:40 EST