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General Technical Computer Animation

Human (and other) Figure Animation

Face and Head

Speech and Linguistic Facial Expression




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  • USC course material
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    • Others?
  • Numerical Integration
  • Other

Motion Capture

Physics and Math

Miscellaneous Technical and other Computer Animation Resources


Labs, People Specializing in Computer Animation

School/Lab/CompanyGraphics Lab or GroupPeople
Berkeley   James F. O'Brien
Cal Tech Multi-Res Modeling Group Peter Schroder
CMU ETC Randy Pausch
Computer Graphics Lab Jessica Hodgins
Robotics Institute Steven Seitz
Doug L. James
Nance Pollard
Digital Human Research Center James Kuffner
Columbia Computer Graphics & User Interfaces Lab Steven Feiner
The Columbia Graphics Lab Ravi Ramamoorthi
Eitan Grinspun
Digital Domain   Doug Roble
Drexel Geometric & Intelligent Computing Lab David Breen
EPFL LIG Daniel Thalmann
Ronan Boulic
ETH Zurich Computer Graphics Lab Matthias Mueller
Matthias Teschner
Geneva MIRALab Nadia Magnenat-Thalmann
George Washington University Institute from Computer Graphics James Hahn
Georgia Tech Animation Lab Irfan Essa
Lionel Reveret
Honda R&D Americas   Victor Ng-Thow-Hing
IMAG GRAVIR Marie-Paule Cani
Francois Sillion
independent   Alvy Ray Smith
IRISA   Stephane Donikian
Iowa   James Cremer
Johns Hopkins University   Jonathan Cohen
KAIST TC Lab Sung Yong Shin
Max-Planck-Institut Informatik   Hans-Peter Seidel
  Joerg Haber
Microsoft Research   Harry Shum
Graphics Group Michael Cohen
Zicheng Liu
MIT CSAIL Jovan Popovic
Bruce Blumberg
Naval Postgraduate School The Moves Institute Michael Zyda
NYU   Chris Bregler
MRL Demetri Terzopoulos
Ohio State ACCAD Matt Lewis
Computer Graphics Lab Raghu Machiraju
Rick Parent
OLM Digital, Inc.   Ken Anjyo
PDI/Dreamworks   Nick Foster
Pixar   Ronen Barzel
Penn HMS Norm Badler
Universitat Politechnica de Catalunya   Pere Brunet
Universita di Roma   Catherine Pelachaud
Rutgers   Dinesh Pai
Doug DeCarlo
CBIM Dimitris Metaxas
Seoul National University Graphics & Media Lab Hyeong-Seok Ko
Jehee Lee
Simon Fraser GRUVI Tom Calvert
Sony Computer Entertainment America   Craig Reynolds
Stanford University   Ron Fedkiw
Texas A&M Visualization Frederic Parke
Donald House
University of Tokyo   Takeo Igarashi
Trinity College Dublin Image Synthesis Group Carol O'Sullivan
Toronto Dynamic Graphics Project Eugene Fiume
Karan Singh
University of Tuebingen   Markus Wacker
Dinesh Manocha
UCLA   Petros Faloutsos
UC Santa Cruz Viz Lab Jane Wilhelms
USC   J. P. Lewis
Mathieu Desbrun
ICT Fred Pighin
Paul Debevec
  Ulrich Neumann
  Vibeke Sorensen
Utah   Ross Whitaker
Vancouver Imager Lab Michiel van de Panne
Vanderbilt University   Bobby Bodenheimer
Virginia   David Brogan
Washington ARL David Salesin
Zoran Popovic
Wisconsin Graphics Group Mike Gleicher
Stephen Chenney
Yale   Julie Dorsey

Classes or Lectures in Computer Animation

Arizona SIE 196a - Engineering for the Entertainment Industry
Columbia COMS 4167 - Computer Animation
EPFL Advanced Virtual Reality Systems and Telepresence
Berkeley CS294-7: The Art of Animation
CIS39a: Introduction to Computer Animation
Chico St. CSC 240 Computer Animation
Georgia Tech CS 4496/7496: Computer Animation
CS 8113A/4803B, Computer Animation
Illinois Institute of Technology CS 460 Fundamentals of Multimedia: Computer Animation
Ohio State CSE682: Computer Animation Design and Production
CSE694A: Computer Animation: Algorithms and Technques
CSE786: Game Design and Development Project
CSE788: Computer Character Animation
UNC COMP 290-072: Physically-Based Modeling, Simulation and Animation
Vienna UT V0 Computer Animation
Wisconsin CS838 - Topics in Computer Animation

History and Development of Computer Animation

Video, Digital Video and codecs

Non-Linear Editing

Perception and Motion Studies

Cinematography (just a few)

Artistic Aspects (just a few)

Some Production Companies

Products and Companies

Animations, Movie Trailers etc.

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