CSE 6422: Advanced Computer Architecture
Spring 2021

Instructor: Prof. Dhabaleswar K. (DK) Panda

Office: DL 785, Tel: 2-5199

Class Hours:

TR 12:45-2:05pm


CSE 6421 and CSE 5449; or permission of the instructor

Course Objectives:


We will be using the following two textbooks. We will also be using some selected papers from recent literature to supplement the book chapters. Electronic or hardcopy versions of these papers will be provided.

Class Syllabus

Grading Plan:

There are four components:
- Class participation and discussion           (10%)
- Homeworks (3x5)                              (15%)
- Final exam                                   (40%)
  (Tentative - 04/27/21 2:00-3:45pm)
- Project                                      (35%) 
  (schedule given below)

Class Project:

Due to the research-oriented nature of this course, the project will play an important part in the learning experience and in the grading process. Projects will be evaluated based on their technical quality, originality, depth of analysis, and completeness.

Projects will be mostly done in an individual manner. Maximum two people may be in a group if the scope of the project is big and there is sufficient understanding between the members that both will contribute equally to the success of the project (members will get the same grade in project). The project will be research-oriented. Depending on the nature of the topic, it may consist of one or more of the following components: theory, design, analysis, simulation, or experimental results.

You are free to consult with me while defining the project and working on it during the semester. Those who have been already involved in the group (or in 6429 class) can carry out their projects. I will suggest a set of topics for other new students. The new students can work work with the current students in my group on these projects.

Project Schedule:

End of 3rd week - discussion with the instructor and other students to select/focus topic
End of 4th week (Feb 8th) -  finalizing the topic 
Project Report due  - final exam week 
(on or before 04/30/21)