Raghu Machiraju


Raghu Machiraju serves on the faculty at The Ohio State University in the Department of Biomedical Informatics  and the Department of Computer Science and Engineering. He serves also as the Interim Faculty Lead of Translational Data Analysis a pan-university effort foster data science in multiple disciplines.

His interests include data analysis and visualization especially as they apply to topics in biology, medicine and engineering. Over the years he also been increasingly working on problems of computationally biology and bioinformatics. These days, it is all about multi-omics and images.  You can learn more about what he does for his day job on his research page and he has worked with several mentees and collaborators. He continues his quest albeit in a more deliberate manner.

He does have other pre-occupations he is on a mission to automate biology with cheap yet smart robots, co-author a book on molecular imaging, manage a data contest on somatic mutation calling, and travel the world with his family.

Yes, he often teaches classes on  data visualization, biomedical informatics, computer graphics.