Course Description

This one-credit hour, S/U grade, online course will discuss the recent advances in computer security, covering a variety of advanced topics including (1) hardware security such as Row-Hammer, Meltdown, Spectra, and Foreshadow attacks; (2) software security such as code reuse attacks, binary code disassembling/reassembling, and fuzzing; (3) IoT security such as smarthome, and Bluetooth security; and (4) mobile security such as Android systems security and robocalls. Thirteen distinguished speakers across the globe (9 USA, 3 Europe, and 1 Asia-pacific) have been invited to deliver the weekly lecture via zoom on every Friday at 11AM (to accommodate the different time zones). Students enrolled in this class are expected to attend the lectures and ask questions. There will be no homeworks and exams.

Course Schedule

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Date Speaker Topic/Talk Title
Hardware Security
08/28 Daniel Ginkin (UMich) When it leaks, it pours: on the (sad) state of today’s hardware security.
09/04 Daniel Gruss (TUGraz) Faulting Hardware from Software
09/11 Kaveh Razavi (ETH) TRRespass: Exploiting the Many Sides of Target Row Refresh
Software Security
09/18 Antonio Flores Montoya (GrammaTech) Datalog disassembly
09/25 Michalis Polychronakis (Stonybrook) Code reuse attacks
10/02 Yang Liu (NTU) Vulnerability discovery I
10/09 Mathias Payer (EPFL) Vulnerability discovery II
IoT Security
10/16 Adwait Nadkarni (W&M) IoT automation and safety
10/23 Earlence Fernandes (UW-Madision) Smarthome app security
10/30 Kassem Fawaz (UW-Madision) Bluetooth security
Mobile Security
11/06 Will Enck (NCSU) Mobile app analysis
11/13 Brad Reaves (NCSU) Understanding Robocalls
11/20 Billy Lau (Google) Android systems security

Course Logistics

This will be an online course, and the lectures will be delivered via zoom.

Attendance Policy

Students who registered are expected to attend the online lectures.