Course Objective

There is a lot more to the concept and practice of information security than just hackers and technology. In fact, this course is three parts business mixed with one part of computer science. As cryptographer Bruce Schneier puts it: ``If you think technology can solve your security problems, then you don't understand the problems and you don't understand the technology.''

Upon course completion, students are expected to:

Text Books

Course Topics

For Lecture notes, please check out on CARMEN

Office Hours


Your grade will be based on a composite score computed according to the following breakdown:

Item Percentage
Homework 10
Quizes 10
Security project 20
Project presentation 10
Midterm 15
Final Exam 25
Participation 10

All quizzes and exams are closed book, closed notes. The midterm and final exam will be comprehensive.


The midterm will be held during a regularly scheduled course lecture meeting time, thus there should be no scheduling conflicts. Your attendance is required on the day of the midterm exam. The midterm may not be taken early and may not be made up.

The final will be a combined-section exam at the date and time provided in the ``important dates'' section above. In order to make alternative arrangements for you, if you have a conflict (or a potential conflict) with the common exam time you are required to report this to your instructor no later than the last day of the first calendar month of classes.

Three or more exams on the same calendar day is considered an ``exam conflict,'' and you may take the exam at the alternative time.

Exams are due at the end of the examination period as announced by the instructor. Continuing to work on your exam after the examination period has ended may result in your work being considered late and a reduction in your score, up to and including receiving a score of 0 for the exam.

In the event of an unavoidable unanticipated absence from an exam, the student is required to notify the instructor as soon as possible.

No electronic devices, including cell phones, are permitted on your person during exams.

Homework and Presentations

Homework assignments, course announcements, optional readings and other course material will be provided via Carmen.

Course Project

Students will work in project groups of (approx.) five persons. Please treat all project dates and times as deadlines. Plan accordingly. Late submissions will not be accepted.

All projects include a 20-minute, peer-reviewed, in-class powerpoint presentation. Peer review scores contribute 40% to the project score. Both teamwork and individual participation are important graded project components.

Projects will be graded according to the following scale and expectations:

Project grade 100-scale requirements
5 100 professional quality, correct, documented code, well-substantiated conclusions, thoughtful and neatly completed (.pdf, word, etc.), correctly submitted, sound presentation
4 93 essentially correct in all aspects, lacking in quality of arguments, presentation or submission
3 85 contains one or two minor errors or omissions of key concept
2 75 contains a significant or multiple minor errors or omissions
1 60 lacking multiple significant components
0 0 work not submitted

Course Logistics

Attendance Policy

Generally, attendance is not required. But, class participation in the form of quizzes and in-class exercises are components of your final grade. In particular, asttendance is required on presentation days when you will be providing written peer reviews of your classmates' works.

Late Policy

All late submissions will automatically lose 10 points per delayed day until the points in that homework/project are gone. Quiz is performed online in the class. Please bring a laptop/tablet/smartphone for in-class quiz.

Academic Integrity

It is expected in this course that students are familiar with the academic integrity guidelines of The Ohio State University as defined by the Office of Academic Affairs. Please refer to

It is expected that students will only turn in work that is their own, or the work of a team to which they have been assigned for a given specific assignment.

Your Final Grade

Your final letter grade will be based on the following scale.

Scale Letter
93+ A
90 - <93 A-
87 - <90 B+
83 - <87 B
80 - <83 B-
77 - <80 C+
73 - <77 C
70 - <73 C-
65 - <70 D+
60 - <65 D
<60 E


This syllabus is adopted from prior instructors including Dr. Jeffrey Jones and Dr. Dong Xuan.