The Ohio State University
Department of Computer and Information Science
CIS 670 Introduction to Database Systems I
Spring 2002, TR 9:30-10:48

Approximate Sylabus:

Weeks Topics Readings
2.5 Relational Model, Languages and Systems
  Introduction to Database Systems
  Relational Data Model and Relational Algebra
    Relational Data Model
    Relational Algebra
     Data Definitions
     Queries and Updates
     Introduction to Sybase
     Introduction to report writer
  Relational Calculus

EN: 1 & 2

EN: 7.1-7.3
EN: 7.4-7.7

EN: 8.1
EN: 8.2-8.4
EN: 8.5
EN: 8.8
Course Notes
Course Notes
EN: 9.3-9.5
  2     Database Design: The Entity-Relationship Model
  Overview of the DB Design Process
  The Entity-Relationship (ER) Model
     The Model
     The Enhanced-ER Model Including UML Class Diagrams
     Mapping the ER Model to the Relational Model

skim EN: 16.1-2

EN: 3
EN: 4
EN: 9.1-9.2
2 Database Design: Functional Dependencies and Normalization
   Functional Dependencies and Normalization
     Functional Dependencies
   Normalization Algorithms
   Multivalued Dependencies and 4th Normal Form
  The Database Design Process

EN: 14.1-2
EN: 14.3-14.6
EN: 15.1
EN: 15.2
EN: 16.1-4, 16.6
Weeks Topics Readings
1.5 Record at a Time Processing and Transaction Management
   Cursor Operations
   Call-Level Interface
   Transaction Processing   

EN: 10.5
EN: 19.1-19.3, 19.4.1, 19.5.1 skipping conflict-serializable, 19.6-19.7
2 Other Topics (Revised order)
   Relational Calculus
   Constraints and Assertions
   Security and Authorization
   Object-Oriented Database Systems (OODBS)
   Decision Support Systems (DSS)

EN: 9.3-9.4
EN: 8.1.2 and 8.6
EN: 22

D. S. Kerr
March 2002.