SurfRemesh Software for Delaunay Remeshing of Polygonal Surfaces

Tamal K DeyTathagata Ray


SurfRemesh software can remesh a polygonal surface with Delaunay triangles that have bounded aspect ratio. It maintains the topology and approximates the geometry  of the original surface. It works on the principle of Delaunay refinement that finds points on the given surface till the topology and geometry are not recovered and then mesh them with Delaunay triangles restricted to the surface.  The assumption about the input surface is that it actually approximates a smooth surface both point-wise and normal-wise. This means if the given polygonal surface has a very sharp edge (dihedral angle less than 90 degrees), the algorithm may not work.The software is based on recent results described in the  paper given below.  

Codes are  available for Solaris, Linux,  and Windows. Please send an email to to get the password to access the download area.

  paper.   Download area.


T. K. Dey, G. Li and T. Ray.  Polygonal surface remeshing with Delaunay refinement. Proc.  14th Internat. Mehsing Roundtable (2005), 343--361.

Additional recommendation:

S.-W. Cheng, T. K. Dey, E. A. Ramos and T. Ray.  Sampling and meshing a surface with guaranteed topology and geometry. Proc. 20th Annu. Sympos. Comput. Geom. (2004), 280--289.

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The software used the CGAL libraries. 
The output of the SurfRemesh software can be viewed with GEOMVIEW

Disclaimer: We do not intend to be responsible for the maintenance of the software.

Copyright: Jyamiti group at the Ohio State University. No commercial use of the software is permitted without proper license.