Software for Shape Segmentation and Shape Matching  from Point Cloud 

Tamal K DeySamrat Goswami


SegMatch software can decompose a shape into its salient features from a point sample. This segmentation can be used to match two shapes with the (match) software. The software is written based on the method described in this paper.  Theoretical basis of the method is drawn from the Morse theory applied to continuos smooth shapes and its discretization with Delaunay/Voronoi diagrams.

Codes are  available for Irix-6.4, Linux-2.4.-i386,  and Windows. Please send an email to to get the password to access the download area.

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T. K. Dey, J. Giesen and S. Goswami. Shape segmentation and matching with flow discretization. Proc. Workshop on Algorithms and Data Structures (2003), LNCS 2748, F. Dehne, J.-R. Sack and M. Smid eds., 25--36.

Additional recommendation:

T. K. Dey and S. Goswami.  Tight Cocone: A water tight surface reconstructor. Proc. 8th ACM Sympos. Solid Modeling Applications (2003), 127--134.

 Other papers

 Other software:  AMLS, Cocone, DelIso, Normfet, Qualmesh, SurfRemesh,


The softwares were written using the CGAL libraries. 
The output of the SegMatch software can be viewed with GEOMVIEW

Disclaimer: We do not intend to be responsible for the maintenance of the software.

Copyright: Jyamiti group at the Ohio State University. No commercial use of the software is permitted.