Isosurface Meshing





By combining techniques for smooth surface remeshing with some clever optimizations, we were able to develop Delaunay refinement algorithm for meshing isosurfaces with guaranteed topology and approximate geometry. The algorithm is split into two stages; the first akin to traditional Delaunay refinement and in the second the Delaunay triangulation is discarded entirely--greatly improving the running time. More details can be found in the following papers.

T. K. Dey and J. A. Levine. Delaunay meshing of isosurfaces. Proc. Shape Modeling International (2007), 241-250.

T. K. Dey, G. Li and T. Ray. Polygonal surface remeshing with Delaunay refinement. Proc. 14th Intl. Meshing Roundtable., 2005, 343--361.

Quality Meshing of Isosurfaces

The DelIso software based on this result is available.