Geometric Modeling





We focus on the following problems in geometric modeling that are at the core of many problems in Graphics, CAD, scientific analysis and engineering designs.


circle23_blue.gif Reconstruction

A Curve Reconstruction



     Conservative crust




A reconsturcted curve in 3D with NN-crust



B Surface Reconstruction

B1. Surface from point cloud



Reconstructed club

Reconstructed mannequin

Reconstructed foot

B2. Surface from slices

Human heart

  Human pelvis

Boundary Reconstruction

circle23_blue.gif  Mesh simplication and sample decimation



 Mesh simplication


Decimation of samples at different levels 

circle23_blue.gif  Mesh Generation

A. Polyhedra meshing

B. Smooth surface meshing


C. Isosurface meshing

D. Piecewise smooth complexes

circle23_blue.gif Homology features

A Handle and tunnel loops

B Shortest homology basis and Optimal homologous cycles

circle23_blue.gif Shape features

A Medial axis


B Curve Skeleton

C Normal and feature approximation

D Dimension detection


E Shape segmentation and matching

E1. Shape matching

E2. Persistent HKS Matching

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