CurveSkel Software for computing curve skeletons of 3D shapes

Tamal K DeyJian Sun


CurveSkel software can compute the one dimensional curve skeleton of a three dimensional shape.  It is based on a new mathematical definition of the curve skeletons using medial geodesic function. This function is defined on the medial axis which captures the geodesic distances on the boundary of the shape. The curve skeleton is defined as the singularity of this function. The details are  described in the  paper given below.  

Codes are  available for Linux,  and Windows. Please send an email to to get the password to access the download area.

  paper.   Download area.


T. K. Dey, J. Sun.  Defining and computing curve skeletons with medial geodesic function.  Proc.  Sympos. Geometry Processing (2006), 143--152.

 Other papers

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The software used the CGAL libraries. 
The output of the CurveSkel software can be viewed with GEOMVIEW

Disclaimer: We do not intend to be responsible for the maintenance of the software.

Copyright: Jyamiti group at the Ohio State University. No commercial use of the software is permitted without proper license.