Peel Software for Isotopic Reconstruction of Surfaces with or without Boundaries

Tamal K DeyKuiyu Li


Peel software can reconstruct a surface with or without boundary from a dense sample. It is guaranteed to reconstruct the boundaries nicely if the sampling is dense enough.  For precise statement about the guarantee, please see the paper and also see the image gallery:

T. K. Dey, K. Li, E. A. Ramos, and R. Wenger. Isotopic Reconstruction of Surfaces with Boundaries. Proc. Sympos. Geom. Processing (SGP09), special issue of Computer Graphics Forum, Vol. 28, No. 5(2009), 1371-1382.

For detailed usage of the software, see the readme file.

Codes are  available for  Linux,  and Windows. Please send an email to to get the password to access the download area.

paper.  Image gallery.   Download area.

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The output of the Peel software can be viewed with GEOMVIEW

Disclaimer: We do not intend to be responsible for the maintenance of the software.

Copyright: Jyamiti group at the Ohio State University. No commercial use of the software is permitted without proper license.