Interactive Visual Computing Lab


Jian Chen, PhD, Asso. Prof.

Computer Science and Engineering

783 Dreese Laboratories

The Ohio State University

2015 Neil Ave.

Columbus, Ohio 43210, USA

Office: 614.688.1981

Fax: 614.292.2911


[CV] (updated August 2017)


Students and postdocs

PhD students & PhDs:

Veronica Thai (2022, undergrad OSU)->this lab

Pavan Nimmagadda (2021, undergrad OSU)->this lab

Maonan Wang (2021, Bejing Inst. of Tech)->this lab

Meng Ling (advised by Dr. Eric Fosler-Lussier) (2020)->this lab

Shuning Jiang (2020, Chinese U. of Sci. & Tech)->this lab

Congrong Ren (2017, ECE, OSU)->this lab

Rui Li (2017, Southeast U.)->this lab

Paul Heiss (2016, Government office -> (this lab) -> (his business startup)

Alex Garbarino (2015, UMBC undergraduate) -> (this lab) -> startup

Li-Chien Lee (2014, National Taiwan U.) -> 2018 PhD (this lab) -> Facebook research

Henan Zhao (2013, Nankai U)-> Finished her work but pause for life in 2017 (this lab) -> Bloomberg Research -> Simens Research

Guohao Zhang (2012, Tsinghua U.)->2017(this lab)->Facebook Research

Postdocoral and visiting scholar:

Mai Elshehaly, postdoctoral associate (faculty@Suez Canal U., Egypt)

Keqin Wu, postdoctoral associate (research scientist@NOAA)

Yanning Xu, faculty @ Shandong U.

Wei Song, faculty @ Zhengzhou U.

Master thesis students:

Haipeng Cai, MS’14 (a faculty@Washington State University)

Hanyu Liu (@linked-in->Amazon)

Abhishek Abhishek, MS’17 (@Paypal)

Andeep Nallamothu, MS’17 (@IBM research)

Aparna Kaliappan

Andrew Li

Guohao Zhang (@Facebook Research)

Shayna Weinstein (@Amazon)

Visiting students

Yongnan Zhu (@Alibaba, PR China)

Liming Xu

Guangxia Li

Xiaohui Bian

Lu Liu

Yubao Wu

Undergraduate students:

Levan Sulimanov

Aparna Kaliappan

Chen Kuo

Wesley Chious

Maxell Poole

Zachary Garbarino

Blossom Meteview

Alexander Stachowiak

Sharyn Kurland

Julia Ford

Joseph A. Kitchin

Timothy Bonnette

Jeffery Vamado

Corey Berry