Interactive Visual Computing Lab


The Interactive Visual Computing Lab at The Ohio State University is looking for PhD students and postdocs to work on the design and evaluation of visualization and virtual reality techniques.  Our current work involves studies of quantitative networks, temporal and multivariate relationship discoveries, and complex spatial data analysis. We are in general intersted in understanding how and when visualization and interaction can improve scientists' ability to convert data into understanding. We design new interactive metaphors and study new visual encoding solutions. 

  1. Bullet  Relevant Skills 

We rarely look for applicants from any specific area of science, but rather for scholars with unusual drivecreativity,scientific rigor and independence. Often, you must have had a degree in or related to computer science (otherwise, the chance of getting admitted to the Ohio State is slim.) Skills in visualization, human-computer interaction, computer graphics, VR, data analysis, math, and physics tend to be more useful than others. The work in the lab has been highly interdisciplinary. However, someone with math or physics background can be strong experimental and others with strong programing and tool building experience can pick up the scientific side. Both scholar types have in fact been successful in the lab. The two examples are by no means complete. If you read our papers and feel an intellectual kinship with how we do science, that may be the best indicator of a fit. 

  1. Bullet  Graduate Students

We are happy to work with graduate students from any program at OSU since we believe it is the intersection of multidisciplinary science where innovation and creativity begin. 

  1. Bullet  Visiting Scholars and Professors

We have hosted several professors, as well as many students who wished to do parts of their work in our lab. Coming for a few months or staying for more than a year is welcomed. If you are interested in a visit, please contact Dr. Jian Chen. In general we cannot support visitors financially in any way, but we provide intellectual support as always. 

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Please email me your CV and at least two references to

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