Yinqian Zhang

Assistant Professor
Department of CSE and ECE, College of Engineering
The Ohio State University
Office: 798 Dreese Laboratories
Phone: 614-292-4202
(PGP Public Key)

I am an assistant professor of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at The Ohio State University. I am also affiliated with the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering of OSU.

Multiple openings for both Ph.D. and Master's students (starting Au 18, Sp 19, or Au 19). Please contact me by email.


  • [Aug. 2018]: Two papers accepted to ACSAC 2018. One paper (jointly with Tianwei Zhang and Prof. Ruby Lee) applies deep learning in side-channel analysis. The other paper, titled "A Measurement Study of Authentication Rate-Limiting Mechanisms of Modern Websites", is first-authored by an undergraduate student (Bo Lu) in my lab, who is mentored by my Ph.D. student, Xiaokuan Zhang. Congratulations.
  • [Jul. 2018]: A paper on IoT security, titled "HoMonit: Monitoring Smart Home Apps from Encrypted Traffic", has been conditionally accepted to ACM CCS 2018.
  • [Jun. 2018]: I will serve on the PC of NDSS 2019.
  • [Apr. 2018]: A paper (in collaboration with Liang Wang, Profs. Thomas Ristenpart and Michael Swift) "Peeking Behind the Curtains of Serverless Platforms" has been accepted to Usenix ATC 2018.
  • [Mar. 2018]: I have received a prestigious NSF CAREER Award for our work on side channels in SGX and other shielded execution environments. I'd like to thank the national science foundation for the generous and continued support to our research.
  • [Mar. 2018]: Slides of my short presentation at the National Science Foundation Workshop on Side and Covert Channels in Computing Systems (SCCS) 2018 can be downloaded here.
  • [Mar. 2018]: A paper on static side-channel analysis (joint work with Ziqiao Zhou and Prof. Michael Reiter at UNC Chapel Hill and Prof. Zhiyun Qian at UC Riverside) has been accepted to Oakland 2018.
  • [Feb. 2018]: Our recent research study on Spectre attacks against SGX enclaves can be found from the project homepage. The research paper can be downloaded from here.
  • [Feb. 2018]: I will serve on the PC of ACM CCS 2018 and CloudCom 2018.
  • [Jan. 2018]: A paper on SGX side-channel defenses has been accepted to Oakland 2018: "Racing in Hyperspace: Closing Hyper-Threading Side Channels on SGX with Contrived Data Races".
  • [Jan. 2018]: The issues identified in our NDSS paper have been acknowledged by Apple in CVE-2017-13852, CVE-2017-13873, CVE-2017-13877. Some countermeasures presented in the paper have been implemented in iOS 11 and MacOS High Sierra 10.13 and later versions (link).
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