CSE 2431 Systems II

Introduction to Operating Systems


General Course Info


Term: Autumn 2016 (Aug 23, 2016 - Dec 7, 2016)

Section 1: (CSE2431-10144)

Time: TuTh 9:35AM - 10:55AM

Location: Baker Systems 394

Section 2:  (CSE2431-10700)

Time: TuTh 12:45PM - 2:05PM

Location: Baker Systems 140


Course website: http://www.cse.ohio-state.edu/~yinqian/courses/cse2431/index.html



Instructor Info

Instructor: Prof. Yinqian Zhang

Office: DL699

Email: yinqian@cse.ohio-state.edu

Homepage: http://www.cse.ohio-state.edu/~yinqian

Office Hours: TuTh 2:15pm ~ 3:00pm, or by appointment



Graders/TAs Info

Haiyang (Dwyane) Shi

Email: shi.876@buckeyemail.osu.edu

Office Hours: Monday, 10:00am-12:00pm, or by appointment

Location: Caldwell 420




Introduction to operating system concepts: process, CPU scheduling, memory management, file system and storage, and multi-threaded programming.




CSE 2421 or ((CSE 360 or ECE 2560 or ECE 265) and (CSE 2451 or CSE 459.21 or CSE 459.22)).

Not open to students with credit for CSE 660.



Course Goals

     Be competent with process concepts and CPU scheduling.

     Be competent with memory hierarchy and memory management.

     Be familiar with process control blocks, system calls, context switching, interrupts, and exception control flows.

     Be familiar with process synchronization, inter-process communication, and threads.

     Be familiar with multi-threaded programming.

     Be familiar with file systems and disk scheduling algorithms and I/O.

     Be exposed to security.­­­



Required Text

Operating System Concepts, Silberschatz, Galvin, Gagne, 8th or 9th Edition, Wiley.  

The eBook can be accessed for free through the link: http://proquest.safaribooksonline.com/book/operating-systems-and-server-administration/9780470128725




     Introduction to operating systems

     Process concepts, scheduling, synchronization, deadlocks

     Multi-thread programming

     Memory hierarchy and memory management

     File systems

     Disk allocation, scheduling




Grading Policy    


     Homework assignments (10%)

o   3 ~ 4 written assignments

     Lab assignments (20%)

o   3 ~ 4 programming assignments

o   up to 5% extra credits (total)

     Course projects (15%)

o   One programming project with a written project report

o   Teamwork of 2 to 3 students

o   up to 5% extra credits

     Mid-term exam (20%)

     Final exam (25%)

     Attendance and participation (10%)


Note: The class will be letter graded (A = 93-100, A- = 90-92, B+ = 87-89, B = 83-86, B- = 80-82, C+ = 77-79, C = 73-76, C- = 70-72, D+ = 65-69, D = 60-64, E = 0-59).




Carmen will be used to upload homework or lab assignments. Some of your grades can be checked in Carmen. CSE 2431 is not an online course.

Piazza, www.piazza.com, will be used both to post announcements and as a student discussion platform for the course.   Some examples of acceptable topics to discuss include; general information, concepts as related to lecture or assignments, interpretation of assignments, problems with coding such as syntax and execution errors, etc.  Please do not post answers to homework problems and do not post any code for the programming assignments.  Piazza will be monitored by the TAs and/or  instructor.  It is recommended that email notifications be set to real time instead of 4-hour digest.  Email notifications can be set in Account Settings.  Students are responsible for any announcements/info provided on Piazza.



Academic Misconduct

Students are required to follow the Ohio State Code of Student Conduct which can be found at http://studentaffairs.osu.edu/pdfs/csc_12-31-07.pdf.  Among the other restrictions, pay specific attention to the section on Academic Misconduct.  Among the restrictions, students are prohibited from:

     Providing or receiving information during exams.

     Receiving assistance on homework and lab problems. 

     Providing assistance on homework and lab problems to students in the course during this or any other semester.

     Submitting plagiarized (i.e. copied but unacknowledged) work for credit

Note:  Faculty is required by the University to report any suspected violation of these conditions to the Council on Academic Misconduct.   Misconduct cases are resolved via the CoAMs hearing processes.  More about this process can be found at: http://oaa.osu.edu/coam.html.



Important Dates

See University calendar: http://registrar.osu.edu/staff/bigcal.asp