``Software-defined-Software: a perspective of machine learning based software production"   

Rubao Lee, Hao Wang, and Xiaodong Zhang 

Proceedings of 38th International Conference on Distributed Computing
Systems (ICDCS'18), Vienna, Austria, July 2-5, 2018.


As the Moore’s Law is ending, and increasingly high
demand of software development continues in the human society,
we are facing two serious challenges in the computing field.
First, the general-purpose computing ecosystem that has been
developed for more than 50 years will have to be changed by
including many diverse devices for various specialties in high
performance. Second, human-based software development is not
sustainable to respond the requests from all the fields in the
society. We envision that we will enter a time of developing high
quality software by machines, and we name this as Software defined
Software (SDS). In this paper, we will elaborate our
vision, the goals and its roadmap.