``Software support inside and outside solid-state devices for high performance  
and high efficiency"

Feng Chen, Tong Zhang, and  
Xiaodong Zhang

Proceedings of the IEEE, Volum 105, Issue 9, September, 2017, pp. 1650-1665. 


In the past decade, flash memory has been in the spotlight across a variety 
of research communities from circuits to computer systems, and significant 
progress has been accomplished. This has enabled flash memory to become 
increasingly pervasive across the entire information technology 
infrastructure, from consumer electronics to cloud and supercomputing. 
This paper aims to provide a comprehensive survey on the important 
advancements and milestones in the domains across flash translation 
layer (FTL), operating systems, and applications. As the storage device 
hardware has been quickly commoditized, software becomes increasingly 
important to tap the potential of flash memory to its full extent. 
Therefore, a comprehensive survey with a focus on software aspects will be 
very valuable to the research community and industry. It is our hope that 
this survey paper will serve as a good reference for system practitioners 
and researchers.