``Fast proxy delivery of multiple streamng sessions in shared running

Songqing Chen, Bo Shen, Yong Yan, Sujoy Basu, and Xiaodong Zhang

IEEE Transactions on Multimedia, Vol 7, No. 6, December 2005,
pp. 1157-1169.


With falling price of memory, an increasing number of multimedia servers
are now equipped with a large memory space. Caching media objects in
the memory of a proxy helps to reduce the network traffic, the disk
I/O bandwidth requirement, and the data delivery latency. The running
buffer approach and its alternatives are representative techniques to
caching streaming data in the memory.  Threre are two limits in the
existing techniques. First Although multiple running buffers for the
same media object co-exist in a given processing period, data sharing
among multiple buffers is not considered. Second, user access patterns
are not insightfully considered in the buffer management. In this paper,
we propose two techniques based on shared running buffers in the proxy to
address these limits. Considering user access patterns and characteristics
of the requested medua objects, our techniques adaptively allocate
memory buffers to fully utilize the currently buffered data of streaming
sessions, with the aim to reduce both the server load and the network
traffic. Experimentally comparing with several existing techniques,
we show that the proposed techniques achieve significant performance
improvement by effectively using the shared running buffers.  
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