``Coordinated data prefetching for Web contents"

Xin Chen and Xiaodong Zhang

Computer Communications, Vol 28, Issue 17, October 2005, pp. 1947-1958.


With the development of active proxy, the functions of a proxy have been
enhanced beyond simply storing Web contents.  Web prefetching activity
in proxy is such an example to reduce client-perceived latency. In this
paper, we propose a coordinated proxy server prefetching technique
that adaptively utilizes the access information and coordinates
prefetching activities at both proxy and Web servers. In our design,
the access information stored in proxies will be the main source
serving data prefetching for groups of clients sharing common surfing
interests. The access information in the Web server will be used to
serve data prefetching only for data objects that are not qualified for
proxy-based prefetching. Conducting trace-driven simulations, we show that
both hit ratios and byte hit ratios contributed from coordinated proxy
server prefetching are 30-75% higher than other prefetching schemes,
and they are comparable to the ratios from a proxyless server-based
prefetching that is able to observe every access to the server.