Surface refinement

Subdividing surfaces in Processing

Making meshes

Generating meshes from curves in Processing

Curves and splines

Creating Bezier Curves, BSplines, and estimations of those with Decasteljau algorithm and subdivision curves

WaveNet audio generation

Generating audio from WaveNet

The Hiatus System

Mindfullness and meditation in VR with biofeedback

Radial basis functions

Learning to match functions with radial basis functions

Neural network

Creating a neural network in Processing

Game Jam 2018 - Disaster Master

A VR game made during Game Jam 2018

Denman Undergraduate Research Forum 2017

Undergraduate research conducted my sophomore year presented at Denman

Computer Animation (Unity3D)

Projects from my computer animation class


Using heart rate or EEG readings to control computer programs

WebGL final project

The last lab for a WebGL class taken