Foundations II: Data Structures and Algorithms

CSE 2331, Summer, 2016

Course Summary

Design/analysis of algorithms and data structures; divide-and-conquer; sorting and selection, search trees, hashing, graph algorithms, string matching;
probabilistic analysis; randomized algorithms; NP-completeness.

Course Information

Instructor: Dr. R. Wenger
Office hours: See my office hours.
Text: "Introduction to Algorithms," Third Edition, by Corman, Leiserson, Rivest and Stein.
Syllabus: Download syllabus.

Enrolled students should see carmen for more information.

Course notes (Lectures 1): Asymptotic notation.
Course notes (Lecture 2): Analysis of for/while loops.
Course notes (Lectures 3): Analysis of recursive algorithms and recurrence relations.
Course notes (Lecture 4): Probabilistic analysis.

Homework 1: Due Mon, May 16. Please hand in the homework at the beginning of class.

Modulo arithmetic calculator:

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