Faculty Concerned About Proposal to Lease OSU Parking Operations to a Private Concessionaire/Lender

Last update: 12 February 2013

In September 2011, the Ohio State University Board of Trustees authorized the university administration to lease campus parking operations to a private concessionaire/lender for 50 years, in return for a loan of at least $375M. [Update as of 11 June 2012: On 8 June 2012, the OSU administration recommended to the Board of Trustees its approval of a loan of $483M from an Australian investment firm, Queensland Investment Corp, and its operating partner, LAZ Parking. Board approval is expected on June 21 or 22.]

There are many unresolved questions about this proposal: financial and ethical, practical and philosophical. The first section below contains information about the results of a survey in which over 1200 tenure-track faculty expressed their views about the parking privatization proposal -- more than 5 out of 6 are opposed to it.

There are also links to two short videos that we hope will help everyone understand some of the implications of parking privatization for the University. One is locally produced at OSU and addresses the claim that the transaction would yield "millions of new dollars to invest in the academic core". The other is a news report on a similar parking privatization initiative considered by the city of Harrisburg, PA, with some information as well about the Chicago parking meter privatization debacle.

The other links on this page lead to additional information OSU faculty members prepared or found of particular interest over the past several months. There are also links to background information provided by the OSU administration and links to resolutions considered by Faculty Council. Information in each section is in chronological order.

We invite any other OSU faculty member who wishes to have their name listed below to join us in registering their concern about continuing to pursue the proposal before there has been an honest public discussion of a host of important issues. Please send e-mail to Bruce Weide (weide.1) with your name and, if available and you want it shown here, a link to your OSU web page. Whether or not you want your name listed, please send a link to this page to anyone else you think might be interested in it. [Updates as of 11 June 2012 and 12 February 2013: This page is being updated now to add a few new links to recent public information, including the responses from OSU legal affairs in response to a public records request we made for documents "that show the OSU administration's financial modeling and analysis of the proposed privatization of OSU parking operations." To date, no records that actually include such a financial model or analysis have been made available to us.]



Information from OSU Faculty

Information from OSU Administration

Faculty Council Resolutions

Faculty Signatories

  1. Gagan Agrawal
  2. Ola Ahlqvist
  3. Gulsah Akar
  4. Leslie Alexander
  5. Michael Aman
  6. Greg Anderson
  7. Julia Andrews
  8. Philip Armstrong
  9. L. Eugene Arnold
  10. Janice Aski
  11. Gordon Aubrecht
  12. Christine Ballengee-Morris
  13. Nicholas Basta
  14. Paul Beck
  15. Misha Belkin
  16. James Belknap
  17. Nina Berman
  18. Diane W. Birckbichler
  19. Enrico Bonello
  20. Jason Box
  21. Sergey Brodsky
  22. John Brooke
  23. Charles Brooks
  24. Philip Brown
  25. Claudia Buchmann
  26. Timothy Buckley
  27. Cynthia Burack
  28. Richard Busick
  29. Snjezana Buzov
  30. Greg Caldeira
  31. Luis Cañas
  32. Scottye Cash
  33. Roger Cherry
  34. Jeffrey Cohen
  35. Benjamin Coifman
  36. Leo Coleman
  37. Mathew Coleman
  38. R. Dawn Comstock
  39. Elizabeth Cooksey
  40. Roger Crawfis
  41. Edward Crenshaw
  42. Alison Crocetta
  43. Peter Curtis
  44. Marcelo Dapino
  45. Ian Davis
  46. Ana Del Sarto
  47. Richard Dick
  48. Rebecca Dupaix
  49. Michael Ellis
  50. Nancy Ettlinger
  51. Bill Form
  52. Reanne Frank
  53. Mary A. Fristad
  54. Brian McSpadden Gardener
  55. Ben Givens
  56. Prem Goel
  57. Harvey Graff
  58. Terry Graham
  59. John Guilmartin
  60. Susan Hadley
  61. Kai Hammermeister
  62. Susan Hartmann
  63. Tom Hawkins
  64. Andrew Heckler
  65. Ulrich Heinz
  66. David Herman
  67. Dan Herms
  68. Joan Huber
  69. John H. Hughes
  70. Shahrukh Irani
  71. Pranav Jani
  72. Susan Jones
  73. Roy Joshua
  74. Robin Judd
  75. Stephen Kern
  76. Rebecca Kim
  77. Ousman Kobo
  78. Fabio Leite
  79. Kristi Lekies
  80. Thomas Lemberger
  81. Michael Lisa
  82. Linda Lobao
  83. Steven Lopez
  84. Mark Loux
  85. Doug MacBeth
  86. Becky Mansfield
  87. Jay Martin
  88. Sandip Mazumder
  89. Gail McKoon
  90. Timothy McNiven
  91. Daniel Mendelsohn
  92. May Mergenthaler
  93. James Metzger
  94. David Neal Miller
  95. Sally Miller
  96. Margaret Mills
  97. Rabi Mishalani
  98. James Mulick
  99. Darla Munroe
  100. Jane Murphy
  101. Jan Nespor
  102. Terry Niblack
  103. Dorothy Noyes
  104. Lynne Olson
  105. Rick Parent
  106. Mark Partridge
  107. Popat Patil
  108. Dennis Pearl
  109. Cynthia Preston
  110. Ana Puga
  111. Feng Qin
  112. Charles Quinn
  113. Stuart Raby
  114. Cathy Rakowski
  115. Rajiv Ramnath
  116. Mohit Randeria
  117. Daniel T. Reff
  118. Melinda Rhoades
  119. Elaine Richardson
  120. Jenny Robb
  121. Patrick Roblin
  122. Nathan Rosenstein
  123. Randy Roth
  124. Jim Sanders
  125. Thomas Santner
  126. Scott Scheer
  127. Barry Shank
  128. James Shaw
  129. Louisa Shea
  130. Tao Shi
  131. Ness Shroff
  132. Amy Shuman
  133. Jennifer Siegel
  134. Suzanne Silver
  135. Paul Sivilotti
  136. Todd Slaughter
  137. Vladimir Sloutsky
  138. Birgitte Soland
  139. Carolyn Sommerich
  140. Neelam Soundarajan
  141. Kimberly Springer
  142. David Steigerwald
  143. Dan Strunk
  144. Vish Subramaniam
  145. Jennifer Suchland
  146. Xiaodong Sun
  147. Ken Supowit
  148. Heather Tanner
  149. Mary Thomas
  150. Richard Torrance
  151. Abril Trigo
  152. Trish Van Zandt
  153. Laura Wagner
  154. Joel Wainwright
  155. Mark Walter
  156. Leon Wang
  157. Yusu Wang
  158. Sabra Webber
  159. Linda Weavers
  160. Bruce Weide
  161. Joseph Williams
  162. Kristi Williams
  163. Andrea Wolfe
  164. Judy Wu
  165. Mei Zhuang
  166. Mark Ziolo