Proposing New Programs or Courses or Changes to Existing Courses


A proposed course should first be prototyped twice (usually). Prototyping means that it is first taught as a group studies course (294, 494, 694, or 894).  Prototype courses go through steps 1, 2, and 4 below, but not 3.

The four steps that a course or program proposal goes through in the CSE Department are:

  1. Prepare and Present Proposal to the Curriculum Committee:
  2. Present Proposal to the Computer Committee:

  3. A particularly important aspect of any curricular change is that of its impact on the computing environment and of its demands on computing resources.  Please think this through so that we are not caught off-guard when it comes time to put a curricular change into operation.  Once a proposal has been brought to the Curriculum Committee, discussed, and approved, it then goes to the Computer Committee for computer infrastructure impact evaluation and their approval.  If possible, it is presented by the proposing faculty member who must schedule time in a Computer Committee meeting for consideration.  Otherwise the Curriculum Committee Chair will present the proposal for consideration by the Computer Committee.  If a course change is proposed which will not impact the required computing resources, then this step can be completed by the Curriculum Committee Chair or the proposer presenting the course change to the Computer Committee Chair for approval.
  4. Present Proposal to the CSE Faculty:

  5. Once any computer issues are resolved, it is then presented to the full CSE faculty for consideration (except for X94s, minor editorial changes, etc.) by the Curriculum Committee Chair.
  6. Fill Out the University Paperwork and Get it Signed:

  7. The proposing faculty member works with the Curriculum Committee chair to get the official "course proposal", "change to course", or "program proposal" form from the CSE office and they fill it out.  From there, it gets the CSE Chair's signature and moves on up through the bureaucracy.

Deadlines and Other Information

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