Course Lab Loads

This document summarizes the lab assignments of CSE courses by listing the language/software and machine used, the number and nature of lab assignments required, and the amount of lab effort required of students in the class (low, medium, high).  This information is based on prior sections of the course and should not be construed as a guarantee for any future offerings of the course.  All information provided is subject to change.  If you have questions, contact the instructor(s) of the course.

100 Office97 on Wincenter: 1 Wordprocessing, 1 Spreadsheet, 1 Database, and 1 Presentation Graphics lab. There is also a lab project combining WP, SS and DB. Lab effort is medium.
101 MS Office(Word, Excel, and Access) on Sun's running Wincenter/Windows NT, 10 labs, medium/high
200 Eudora, Netscape, MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access), 9 labs, med/high
201 Pascal on Wincenter, 5 programs, medium
214 Pascal on Wincenter, 6 programs, high
221 RESOLVE/C++ on Suns, 8 labs, high
222 RESOLVE/C++ on Suns, 7 labs, high
230 C++, 9 programs, high
314 COBOL on HPs, 6 labs, medium/high
321 RESOLVE/C++ on Suns, 9 labs, high
360 ISEM (SPARC emulator), 5 labs, medium
459.01 Fortran on HPs, high
459.21 C, 4-5 programs, medium
459.22 C++, 4-5 programs, medium
459.23 Java, 4-5 programs, medium
459.31 Common LISP on Suns, 3 programs, medium
459.41 COBOL on Suns/HPs, 3 programs, medium
516 IDE/STP (Software Through Pictures) software on Suns, 1 project, high
541 (varies) Range and Maple software on Sun/HP + choice of language and machine, 5 labs, high
560 Choice of language (usually C, C++, or Resolve/C++) on choice of machine, 3 major programs (all as group projects), high
570 (varies) COBOL or Modula-2 on HPs, 5 programs, medium
601 No lab assignments
621 C/Fortran; Parallel programs; OSC systems; medium
625 No lab assignments
630 Combination of artificial intelligence toolkits, 3-4 labs, low
640 Choice of language and system, 4 labs, high
642 Choice of language and system, 3 programs, medium
650 Choice of language on HPs, 3 programs, high
655 One or two medium to large programs typically in C++ or Java; one or two other smaller programs in Scheme or other non-imperative languages; medium/high
660 Semaphores or C on HPs, 4 short programs, low
662 C, 5-6 programs, high
670 IDE/STP (Software Through Pictures) software, 1 group project
675.01 No lab assignments
675.02 No lab assignments
676 No lab assignments
677 C on Suns, 2 programs, approximately 30 hours (5 for lab 1, 25 for lab 2)
678 One lab assignment
680 C++ expected (but other languages accepted by some instructors), 1-3 programs, low/medium
681 C++, 4-5 programs, high
721 C and Fortran on Cray Y-MP, Cray T3D, IBM SP2, and Convex SPP1000, high
725 No lab assignments
727 No lab assignments
730 Choice of language and machine, 3 programming labs, medium
731 CLIPS, 3 programs, medium/high
752 SIMSCRIPT, MODSIM, COMNET, OPNET, and CSIM (simulation tools), medium
755 0 to 3 lab assignments (language varies); low/medium.
756 One large program broken down into 4 to 6 stages; typical languages are C++ and Java with some special purpose languages for some of the stages; high
757 many lab assignments, medium to high
758 1 group project, high
760 No lab assignments
762 C, 6-8 programs, high
763 No lab assignments
770 No lab assignments
775 DLX and Dinero (Simulators) on HPs, 2 assignments, medium
777 3 labs, medium
778 Specialty VLSI design application MAGIC, Verilog, 5 labs/projects, medium
779 Choice of language and machine, 2 programming labs, medium
780 No lab assignments
781 C++, 4 programs, high
782 C++, 3 labs, usually one or more lab done in groups, medium/high
881 Motif, C++, 1 large project broken down into several stages, high