CSE 5559 :

Computational topology: Theory, algorithms, and applications to data analysis

Fall 2018

Mon: 1:30--3:20 pm
Dreese Lab 357


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            Room          :  DL487
            Phone          :  2-1309
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Course Description


Textbook   /   Grading

There is no book that is exactly suitable for this class. I will provide detailed lecture notes for most classes.
You can check out the course material by Tamal Dey here for reference.
Computational Topology: An Introduction,  by  H. Edelsbrunner and J. Harer, AMS Press, 2009.
  Some Online course notes by Herbert Edelsbrunner on computational topology is available here.
Algebraic Topology,  by  A. Hatcher, Cambridge University Press, 2002.
  Online version is available here at the author's webpage.
An Introduction to Morse Theory,  by  Y. Matsumoto, Amer. Math. Soc., Providence, Rhode Island, 2002.
Elements of Algebraic Topology,  by  J. R. Munkres, Perseus, Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1984.

Course Materials