Srinivasan Parthasarathy


Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering and Department of Biomedical Informatics 
The Ohio State University 
395 Dreese Lab
2015 Neil Ave 
Columbus, OH-43210, USA

Office: 693 Dreese Lab 
Phone: (614) 292-2568
Fax: (614) 292-2911
Email: s r i n i [AT] (remove spaces in name and replace [AT] with appropriate symbol)
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·  CIS 885 slides: Fall 2001

·  CIS 885 slides: Fall 2009 (ppt)

·  CSE 775: Autumn 2004

·  CSE 5241: Winter 2005

·  CSE 5243

·  CSE 5249


Research Interests

PhD Advisees

  1. Matthew Otey (PhD 2006, @Google R&D Pittsburgh)
  2. Hui Yang (PhD 2006, @San Francisco State University)
  3. Sameep Mehta (PhD 2006 (Co-advisor: R. Machiraju), @IBM India Research Labs)
  4. Michael Twa (PhD 2006 (Primary advisor: M. Bullimore), @University of Houston)
  5. Keith Marsolo (PhD 2007, @Cincinnati Children’s Hospital and U. Cincinnati)
  6. Amol Ghoting (PhD 2007, @IBM T. J. Watson Research Center)
  7. Chao Wang (PhD 2008, @Yahoo! Applied Research Labs)
  8. Gregory Buehrer (PhD 2008, Microsoft Research – Live Labs, now @Bing)
  9. Sitaram Asur, (PhD 2009,  @HP Research Laboratories)
  10. Duygu Ucar, (PhD 2009, @Stanford Genomics)
  11. Shirish Tatikonda (PhD 2010, @IBM Almaden Research Center)
  12. V. Satuluri (PhD 2011, @Twitter)
  13. X. Yang (PhD 2012 (forthcoming), accepted position @Google)
  14. Y. Wang (current)
  15. S.M. Faisal (current)
  16. T. Clemons (current)
  17. Y-K Shih (current)
  18. Y. Ruan (current)
  19. D. Fuhry (current)
  20. Y. Zhang (current)

Selected Awards and Honors

Selected Recent Publications (2007-present)

1.      Y-K Shih and S. Parthasarathy, Identifying functional modules in interaction networks via overlapping Markov clustering, to appear in the proceedings of the European Conference on Computational Biology (ECCB), 2012 (NS, BIO)

2.      V. Satuluri and S. Parthasarathy, Bayesian Locality Sensitive Hashing for Fast Similarity Search, to appear in the Proceedings of VLDB 2012 (DB, DM). 

3.      X. Yang, A. Ghoting, Y. Ruan and S. Parthasarathy, A Framework for Summarizing and Analyzing Twitter Feeds, to appear, SIGKDD 2012 (DM, NS)

4.      Y-K Shih and S. Parthasarathy, A Single-source K Shortest Paths Algorithm to Infer Regulatory Pathways in a Gene Network, to appear in  ISMB 2012 (BIO)

5.      D. Fuhry, Y. Ruan, S. Parthasarathy, Local vs. Global Term Analysis for Understanding Community Differences in Social Networks, to appear in ACM Web Science 2012 (NS)

6.      Y. Ruan, H. Purohit, D. Fuhry, S. Parthasarathy, A. Sheth, Prediction of Topic Volume on Twitter, to appear in ACM Web Science 2012 (NS)

7.      Y. Zhang and S. Parthasarathy, Extracting, Analyzing, and Visualizing Triangle K-Core Motifs within Networks , in the Proceedings of the International Conference on Data Engineering (ICDE) 2012 (NS, DM).  

8.      Y-K. Shih and S. Parthasarathy, Scalable Global Alignment for Multiple Biological Networks, in BMC Bioinformatics, Vol 12: S11, 2012.  Earlier version appeared in ACM Bioinformatics Conference 2011 (BIO).

9.      X. Yang, S. Parthasarathy, and P. Sadayappan, Fast Sparse Matrix-Vector Multiplication on GPUs: Implications for Graph Mining, in the Proceedings of VLDB 2011 (HPC, NS, DM).

10.  MD Twa, S. Parthasarathy, CA Johnson, MA Bullimore. Morphometric Analysis and Classification of Glaucomatous Optic Neuropathy Using Radial Polynomials, J. Glaucoma. 2011 

11.  Srinivasan Parthasarathy, Yiye Ruan and Venu Satuluri. "Community Discovery in Social Networks: Applications, Methods and Emerging Trends", in Social Network Data Analytics 2011. (NS, DM)

12.  V. Satuluri, S. Parthasarathy, and Y. Ruan, Local Graph Sparsification for Scalable Clustering, in SIGMOD 2011 (NS, DM).

13.  V. Satuluri and S. Parthasarathy, Symmetrizations for Clustering Directed Graphs, in EDBT 2011 (NS, DM).

14.  Y. Wang, S. Parthasarathy and S. Tatikonda, Locality Sensitive Outlier Detection, in ICDE 2011 (DB, DM).

15.  G. Orair, C. Teixeira, Y. Wang, W. Meira, and S. Parthasarathy, Distance-Based Outlier Detection: Consolidation and Renewed Bearing, in Proceedings of VLDB 2010 (DM, DB).

16.  V. Satuluri, S. Parthasarathy and D. Ucar, Markov Clustering of Protein Interaction Networks, in the Proceedings of ACM Bioinformatics 2010. (BIO, DM)

17.  S. Tatikonda and S. Parthasarathy, Hashing Tree Structured Data: Methods and Applications, in the proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Data Engineering 2010 (DB, DM, HPC).

18.  S. Asur, S. Parthasarathy and D. Ucar. An Event-based Framework for Characterizing the Evolutionary Behavior of Interaction Graphs, in ACM Transactions on KDD 2009 (NS, DM).

19.  Z. Zhang, B-C Ooi, S. Parthasarathy and A. Tung   Similarity Search on Bregman Divergence: Towards Non-Metric Indexing,   Proceedings of VLDB 2009 (DB).

20.  S. Tatikonda and S. Parthasarathy,  Mining Tree Structured Data On Multicore Systems,   Proceedings of VLDB 2009 (DM, HPC, NS).

21.  D. Ucar, A. Beyer, S. Parthasarathy and C. T. Workman, Predicting Functionality of Protein-DNA Interactions by Integrating Diverse Evidence,   ISMB 2009 (BIO, DM).

22.  S. Asur and S. Parthasarathy, A Viewpoint-based Approach for Interaction Graph Analysis,   ACM SIGKDD 2009 (NS, DM).

23.  V. Satuluri and S. Parthasarathy, Scalable Graph Clustering Using Stochastic Flows: Applications to Community Discovery,    ACM SIGKDD 2009 (NS, DM).

24.  T. Q. Trung, C-Y. Chan and S. Parthasarathy, Query By Output,   ACM SIGMOD 2009 (DB).

25.  G. Buehrer, S. Parthasarathy and M. Goyder, Data Mining on the Cell Processor, ACM ICS 2008 (HPC, DM).

26.  X. Yang, S. Asur, S. Parthasarathy and S. Mehta, A Visual-Analytic Toolkit for Dynamic Interaction Graphs, ACM SIGKDD 2008 (NS, DM).

27.  D. B. Larkins, J. Dinan, S. Krishnamoorthy, S. Parthasarathy, A. Rountev, and P. Sadayappan, Global trees: A Framework for Linked Data Structures on Distributed Memory Parallel Systems, Supercomputing (SC) 2008 (HPC).

28.  N. Wang, S. Parthasarathy, K-L Tan, A. Tung, CSV: Visualizing and Mining  Cohesive Subgraphs, ACM SIGMOD 2008 (NS, DB, DM).

29.   A. Ghoting, S. Parthasarathy and M. Otey,  Fast Mining of Distance Based Outliers in High-Dimensional Datasets, Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery Journal, 2008 (DM).

30.  K. Marsolo and S. Parthasarathy, On the Use of Structure and Sequence based features for Protein Classificaton and Retrieval, Knowledge and Information Systems Journal, 2008. Invited for fast-track submission as one of the best papers of ICDM 2006 (BIO,DM).

31.  C. Wang, V. Satuluri, and S. Parthasarathy, Local Probabilistic Models for Link Prediction, IEEE ICDM 2007 (NS, DM).

32.  S. Tatikonda, S. Parthasarathy and M. Goyder, LCS-TRIM: Dynamic Programming Meets XML Indexing and Querying, VLDB 2007 (DB).

33.  S. Asur, D. Ucar and S. Parthasarathy, An Ensemble Framework for Clustering Protein-Protein Interaction Networks, ISMB 2007 (BIO, NS, DM).

34.  G. Buehrer, S. Parthasarathy, S. Tatikonda, T. Kurc and J. Saltz, Towards Terabyte Pattern Mining: An Architecture Conscious Solution, ACM PPOPP 2007 (HPC, DM).

35.  A. Ghoting, G. Buehrer, S. Parthasarathy, D. Kim, A. Nguyen, Y.Chen, and P. Dubey, Cache-Conscious Frequent Pattern Mining on Modern and Emerging Processors, in International Journal on Very Large Data Bases, 16(1): 77-96 (2007). Earlier version of this article won best research paper award at the VLDB 2005 conference (HPC,DM).  

36.  S. Asur, S. Parthasarathy and D. Ucar An Event-based Framework for Characterizing the Evolutionary Behavior of Interaction Graphs, In ACM SIGKDD  2007. Winner Best Applications Paper Award (NS, DM).  

37.  D. Ucar, I. Neuhaus, P. R-Macdonald, C. Tilford, S. Parthasarathy, N. Siemers, and R-R. Ji, Construction of a Reference Gene Association Network from Multiple Profiling Data: Application to Data Analysis, Bioinformatics 2007 (BIO, NS, DM).

38.  K. Marsolo, M. Twa, M. Bullimore and S. Parthasarathy, Spatial Modeling and Classification of Corneal Shape, IEEE Transactions on Information Technology in Biomedicine, 2007 (BIO, DM).

39.  Srinivasan Parthasarathy, Amol Ghoting, Matthew Eric Otey: A Survey of Distributed Mining of Data Streams. Data Streams - Models and Algorithms 2007: 289-307

I direct the Data Mining Research Laboratory which is a part of the High End Systems Group and affiliated with the Laboratory for Artificial Intelligence Research. For details on other recent publications, older publications and ongoing projects and personnel involved please click here.

The National Science Foundation, the Department of Energy and the National Institutes of Health have been the primary supporters of my group's research. Details on the Global Graphs project can be found here. 

Here is what google scholar has on my work in data mining (bioinformatics work is excluded).