CSE 459.23:  Programming in Java


Instructor                Tianfang Xu

Class Time              Thursday, 8:30am - 9:18am (DL 266)

Office Hours           Thursday, 10:00am -11:00am (Dreese 580), or by appointment

Email                       xut@cse.ohio-state.edu

Phone Number        292-6350


Syllabus                  [MS Word] [pdf]



- This course is graded S/U. S stands for “satisfactory” and U stands for “unsatisfactory”.

- No quiz and exam. 4 labs, 25 points each.

- You need 65 out of 100 points to get a satisfactory grade.


Lab Submission:

Under Unix prompt, use the submit command to turn in your labs. The format of the submit command is as following:

                            Submit c459.23ac lab_name file_to_submit

where  “lab_name” is one of lab1, lab2, lab3 and lab4, “file_to_submit” is your list of files to submit.



1.      If there is more than one file to submit, you have to submit all of them using one single submit command. For example, the command “submit c459.23ab lab1 lab1.java lab1_ReadMe.txt” submits two files lab1.java and lab1_ReadMe.text for lab1.

2.      If you submit your lab multiple times, make sure that you resubmit all the files together (if you use two submit commands, then the second one will erase the files from the first submission).



Lecture Notes

lecture1: [ppt] [pdf]

lecture2: [ppt] [pdf]

lecture3: [ppt] [pdf]

lecture4: [ppt] [pdf]

lecture5: [ppt] [pdf] [Shape.java] [Point.java] [Circle.java] [Cylinder.java] [Test.java] [Output]

lecture6: [ppt] [pdf] [example_LinkedList][output_Linkedlist] [example_HashSet][output_HashSet] [example_HashMap][output_HashMap]

lecture7: [ppt] [pdf]

lecture8: [ppt] [pdf] [LabelTest.java][Output_LabelTest] [TextFieldTest.java][OutputTextFieldTest] [ButtonTest.java][Output_ButtonTest]

lecture9: [ppt] [pdf]

lectur10: [ppt] [pdf] [Graphics.java] [Graphics.html]



lab1: [pdf] [word]
lab2: [pdf] [word] [lab2 test program] [lab2 sample output]

lab3: [pdf] [word] [MultiMap] [MultiMap.java] [MultiHashMap.java] [MultiHashMapTest.java] [RatNum.java] [RatNumSortingTest.java]

lab4: [pdf] [word]



Acknowledgments: Some of the material for this course was influenced by and, in some cases, directly borrowed from, materials available on the web for similar courses at other universities. In particular, ideas for the programming assignments lab2, came from these sources. I thank the instructors who posted their materials on the web and, in particular, acknowledge the authors of the following web sites: