CSE 459.22: Programming in C++

Instructor: Wei Du

Class Time: R 8:30am-9:18am (BO428)

Office Hours:  R 9:30am-12:30am (DL772), or by appointment

Phone Number: 8-8486

Email: duw at cse.ohio-state.edu

News Group: cis.course.cis45922



REMINDER: The last two lectures are REQUIRED to attend as stated in the syllabus, otherwise, a worksheet needs to be filled before 11:59pm of June 6th,2005. The worksheet will be available on June 3rd,2005, and should be submitted by sending an e-mail to duw at cse.ohio-state.edu.

New: The worksheet is available now!



  • Lecture 1 [ppt] [pdf] (Stroustrup book Chapter 2)
  • Lecture 2 [ppt] [pdf] (Stroustrup book Chapter 5) (Lippman Book 3.3, 3.6, 4.9 and 8.1-8.4)
  • Lecture 3 [ppt] [pdf] (Stroustrup book Chapter 10) (Lippman Book Chapter 13)
  • Lecture 4 [ppt] [pdf] (Stroustrup book Chapter 10) (Lippman Book Chapter 14)
  • Lecture 5 [ppt] [pdf] (Strous trup book Chapter 12) (Lippman Book Chapter 17)
  • Lecture 6 [ppt] [pdf] (Lippman Book Chapter 15 and 20)
  • Lecture 7 [ppt] [pdf]
  • Lecture 8 [ppt] [pdf] (Lippman Book Chapter 10, 16 and 11)







v     Your grade will be sent to your cse account.


Useful Links


v    Alphabetical list of programming languages


v    Programming paradigm


v    C++ tutorial for C users


v    C++ Language Reference


v    C++ Programming Tutorial


v    Complete C++ language tutorial


v    C++ Reference Guide


v    Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming Using C++


v    Thinking in C++


v    C++ Programming Language Tutorials


v    Unix User’s Guide from OSU-CSE


v    vi Editor


v    emacs Editor


v    g++ Tutorial


v    g++ Manual Page


v    GDB: The GNU Project Debugger