CSE 459.22 - Programming in C++

Class Information

          Instructor:  Arun Somasundaram
         Class Time:  T 8:30am-9:18am (DL 266)
      Office Hours:   T 9:45am-11:45am (CL 112D), or by appointment
                Email:   somasund at cse.ohio-state.edu
 Course Webpage:  http://www.cse.ohio-state.edu/~somasund/45922/45922.html
       News Group:   cis.course.cis45922

Course Description

C++ language details for students with one year of experience in RESOLVE-C++. Study of object-oriented programming using C++. C++  relationships to C, classes, member functions, constructors/destructors, object instantiation, inheritance, polymorphism, templates and virtual functions will be studied.


CSE 321; and CSE 459.21 or equiv. Or, permission of the instructor.


At the completion of the course, you should understand the concepts and be able to write basic C++ programs that make use of the following:


The C++ Programming Language (Third Edition), by Bjarne Stroustrup.

Grading Policy

Lab Submission

When you finish with the lab, you need to turn it in for grading. The submit command submits your lab electronically. It is also recommended that you submit a "README" file to describe how to use your program, if you cannot get the lab to work. You MUST use the submit command to turn in your labs. The format of submit command is as follows:

                                                submit classname labname files-to-submit

where, classname is the name of the CIS 459.22 section that you are enrolled in. Your classname is c459.22ab labname is the lab you are working on (lab1, lab2, etc.). files-to-submit is a list of the files that make up the lab. For example,

                                                submit c459.22ab lab1 lab1.cpp README


Academic Misconduct

You can discuss the requirements of the lab assignments with other students, but the design and coding of the labs must be your own work. Labs which are too similar will be handed over, without question, to the Committee on Academic Misconduct and handled by them. Refer to the University's procedures on Academic Misconduct, especially sections 1 and 4.

Accommodation for Disability

If you need an accommodation based on the impact of a disability, you should contact your instructor to arrange an appointment as soon as possible.  At the appointment you and the instructor can discuss the course format, anticipate your needs and explore potential accommodations.  We rely on the Office for Disability Services for assistance in verifying the need for accommodations and developing accommodation strategies.  If you have not previously contacted the Office for Disability Services, we encourage you to do so.


Please feel free to use the newsgroup cis.course.cis45922 to post any questions you might have. Contact me or ask lab assistants if you are not sure how to access the newsgroup.