Programming in C


This course is intended for students with one year of experience in RESOLVE C++ or equivalent to learn C details. Hence, it is assumed that you have some programming background. You should also be familiar with some programming concepts like data structures, recursion, etc.

Level and Credits


General Information, Exclusions, etc.




Week Topics Readings
1-2 Overview of C lanuage and programming Ch. 1 (Reading Assignment: Ch. 2-3)
3-4 Programming structure, Control flow and Preprocessor Ch. 4
5-6 Pointers and User-defined data types Ch. 5.1-5.4 and Ch. 6.1-6.4
7-8 Memory allocation; Dynamic structures Ch. 5-6
9-10 File I/O and System Calls Ch. 7-8

Grading Plan

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