CIS 660: Introduction to Operating Systems


Operating system concepts,operating system interface (system calls), process management, memory management, file management, sample operating system

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No. of Wks. Topics
2 Introduction to operating systems, overview of advanced computer architectutre concepts (CPU modes of operations, all types of interrupt, clock), disk allocation, disk arm scheduling and (Unix like) file system related system calls.
1 Process concept and (Unix like) related system calls.
1 Process (CPU) scheduling
2 1/2 Process synchronization and interprocess communication (critical section proble, synchronization problems, direct and indirect communication)
1/2 Deadlock.
2 1/2 Memory management (contiguous allocation, paging, segmentation, virtual memory)
1/2 Security.

Grading Plan

Homeworks and
Programming assignments
Midterm Exam 25%
Final Exam 40%

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