CIS 541: Elementary Numerical Methods


Survey of basic numerical methods: number systems and errors of finite representation; solution of a single nonlinear equation;zeros of polynomials; interpolation; numerical integration; solution of linear systems.

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No. of Wks. Topics
1 Introduction; mathematical software.
1 Number systems (integer, rational, algebraic, real, complex, interval); computer arithmetic; round-off errors; variable precisioninterval arithmetic
1 Solvable problems and non-solvable problems
1 Computing derivatives and integrals; computer algebra vs. recursive differential of code lists
1 Mid-term Review and Exam
2 Finding zeros of real functions; polynomial zeros
2 Problems of linear algebra
1 Applications; final review

Grading Plan

Lab Assignments 50%
Midterm Exam 20%
Final Exam 30%

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