CIS 230: Introduction to C++ Programming


Introduction to programming in C++ and object-oriented programming; encapsulation using classes, inheritance, etc.

Level, Credits, Class Time Distribution


Quarters Offered

General Information, Exclusions, etc.



Relation to ABET Criterion 3 and CSE Program Objectives


No. of Weeks Topics
1 Introduction, our computing environment
1 Basic features, getting started, basic predefined data types
1 Advanced predefined data types, functions without returned values
1 Classes, members, constructors
1 Friends, destructors, returned values in functions
1 operators
1 Inheritance
1 Flow of control, dynamic memory allocation
1 Arrays and pointers

Representative Lab Assignments

Week Lab TopicWeek Lab Topic
1 Getting started6 User-defined operators
2 Integer arithmetics7 Inheritance
3 Functions8 Dynamic memory allocation
4 Classes9 Arrays and pointers
5 Value-returning functions  

Grading Plan

Homeworks and
Lab assignments
Midterm Exam 30%
Final Exam 40%

Prepared By: Eitan Gurari (Date: March 31, 1999).