Ryan Slechta

lastname dot 3 at osu dot edu

Welcome to my webpage! I am a fourth year PhD student in the Department of Computer Science & Engineering at The Ohio State University. In 2016, I joined TGDA@OSU where I work with my advisor, Tamal Dey, on persistent homology and computational dynamics.

Update: Starting in Fall 2020, I will be transferring to the Department of Computer Science at Purdue University. In the interim, I will continue to check my OSU email address.

I have coauthored papers with 19 people. Here they are in alphabetical order: Guadalupe Canahuate, David Chiu, Guillaume Damiand, Nathan DeBardeleben, Tamal Dey, Rocio Gonzalez-Diaz, Anna Grim, Qiang Guan, Ben McCamish, Sarah Michalak, Laura Monroe, Marian Mrozek, Tim O’Connor, Peter Olver, Eduardo Paluzo-Hidalgo, Jason Sawin, Cheri Shakiban, Rob Thompson, and Joanne Wendelberger.

Visit dblp for a complete list of my papers.


Persistence of the Conley Index in Combinatorial Dynamical Systems with Tamal Dey and Marian Mrozek. I presented these slides at SoCG 2020. A recording of my talk can be found here.

Filtration Simplification for Persistent Homology via Edge Contraction with Tamal Dey. I presented these slides at DGCI 2019. A repository with relevant code can be found here.

Edge Contraction in Persistence-Generated Discrete Morse Vector Fields with Tamal Dey. Presented at SMI 2018.


My CV can be viewed here and my ORCID is https://orcid.org/0000-0002-3641-3072.

My Erdős number is 3: Erdős → János Pach → Tamal Dey → Ryan Slechta