CSE 6333 — Distributed Algorithms
Spring 2015

Instructor Prof. Paul Sivilotti
TA Yan Xu
Time MWF, 10:20–11:15
Place Enarson 245
Syllabus see here
Newsgroup Piazza
Credits G 3

Note: Information that appears in this font, below, is not yet officially posted. While the material is available for you to look at if you like, it is subject to change before its official posting.


Lecture notes will be distributed in class.


Assignments must be turned in by the start of lecture on the day they are due. For the policy on late assignments, see the syllabus.

Number Due Date Description
0 Friday, Jan 16 Mug Shots
1 Monday, Jan 26 Predicate Calculus
2 Monday, Feb 2 Reasoning About Program—Fixed Points and Individual Actions
3 Monday, Feb 9 Reasoning About Programs—Safety & Progress
4 Monday, Feb 16 Logical Time
5 Monday, Feb 23 Synchronization
6 Monday, March 9 Resource Allocation
7 Monday March 23 Termination Detection
8 Wednesday April 1 Consensus
9 Wednesday April 8 Self-Stabilization


Quiz Day, time Reference
Minute Quizzes randomly scattered
Midterm Friday Feb 27, in class
Final Thursday April 30, 10:00–11:45 am

Contact Information

The best way to get a course-related question answered quickly is to post to the class newsgroup. We will use this newsgroup to make general announcements as well as to answer questions that may have general relevance.

Dr. Paul Sivilotti Yan Xu
email paolo (at cse.ohio-state.edu) xu.840 (at osu)
office Dreese 695 Bolz 118
phone 292-5835
hours tba Tue. 11:00–12:00 noon
Wed. 11:20–12:20 pm