Picture of Prasun Sinha Prasun Sinha
IEEE Fellow
ACM Distinguished Scientist

791 Dreese Labs
2015 Neil Avenue
Deptartment of Computer Science and Engineering
Ohio State University
Columbus, OH 43210-1277
email: prasunsinha1@gmail.com
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  • May 2018: Best Paper, IEEE Misenet 2018
  • Nov 2017: Best Paper, ACM BuildSys 2017
  • Nov 2017: Best Demo, ACM BuildSys 2017
  • Dec 2016: Co-PI on a new grant from ONR on PHY-MAC strategies for communication in broadcast-centric ad hoc networks
  • Nov 2016: Elevated to IEEE fellow (for contributions to scheduling and resource allocation in wireless networks)
  • Nov 2016: Elevated to ACM Distinguished Scientist
  • Oct 2016: I will TPC co-chair for IEEE INFOCOM 2018 (The flagship networking conference)
  • Aug 2016: Ex-student Zizhan Zheng joins Tulane University as an Assistant Professor
  • Aug 2016: New $0.5 million NSF/CNS grant on relative localization of vehicles on the road
  • July 2016: BASIC (a genearalized version of SIC for uplink communication) accepted in MobiCom 2016.
  • July 2016: I am part of the smart city team . City of Columbus has won $140 million in funding from DOT and other sources.
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    About me

    I have a PhD from UIUC (2001), MS from MSU (1997) and BTech from IITD (1995). I was at Bell Labs from 2001 to 2003, after which I have been at OSU. My research has been primarily funded through National Science Foundation (NSF), DARPA, Toyota and Honda. I have led multiple $1M+ cross-university, cross-disciplinary projects. I have advised 1 BS, 10 MS, 15 PhD students (including current 5 PhD students) and 1 postdoc during my career. The students are placed in various positions in industry, industrial research labs as well as academia. I won the prestigious NSF CAREER award in 2006. I am an IEEE fellow. I have served in the editorial board for 2 top journals (TMC, TWC). I have chaired/co-chaired seven conferences, including MobiCom 2014, which is the topmost conference in wireless networking and mobile computing and I have been on the steering committee of IWQoS. I have authored 100+ publications and 4 patents. My best papers include BuildSys 2017, WiOpt 2013 (Best Student Paper Award) and two were selected as best paper finalists (ACM Mobicom 2014, IEEE SECON 2007).
    Active Research Projects

    The focus of my research group is to make long-term impact in the area of wireless networking, sensing and communication. My research group is actively engaged in finding answers to fundamental questions in the broad areas listed below:

    Smart and Connected Communities: We are working on a range of problems in realizing the vision of connected and autonomus vehicles. GPS based location is at the heart of autonmous navigation. We are looking at new techniques that allow vehicles to learn relative locations of other vehicles in the vicinity when GPS accuracies are low, such as in the downtown areas. We are exploring new scalable techniques to communicate between vehicles and from vehicles to the infrastrcture so that we are ready to embrace the new generation of communication-capable smart-vehicles. Miniaturized sensor devices are going to increasingly permeate the world around us. Just in the last few years we have seen a rapid increase in the number of sensing modalities avaialble in our smartphones. Some are power hungry such as cameras, and some are inaccurate such as accelerometers. Many capabilities such as RFID scanning, RADAR and LIDAR and either large in physical dimensions or are expensive, but efforts are underway to miniaturize and integrate them into smartdevices. How can we efficiently collect massive amounts of sensor data over wireless using such existing as well as emerging capabilities? Through this big data, how can we make sense of the physical world around us using learning and deep data analysis tools to make more informed decisions for a smarter and healthier life? We expect these technologies to transform the way we perceive living in a city.
    Scalable and Green Wireless Communication: How can we best harness renewable energy sources to run our wireless network infrastructure? How can we increase the capacity of uplink communication in managed enterprise wireless local area networks (WLANs) and cellular networks? How can I checkout from a grocery store without having to scan individual items or to take out items from my cart? We are exploring clean-slate redesign of communication protocols with emphasis on scaling and energy efficiency. Availability of software-defined-radio (SDR) platforms has made it possible to exploit Physical layer capabilities in MAC and higher layers of the network protocol stack. We are investigating fundamental paradigm shifts in medium-acesss-control protocol design that leverage such capabilities.

    My research focuses on developing algorithmic solutions to foundational problems in wireless networking. My recent contributions have been focused along the following avenues (click here for a detailed research statement): Research Pages on Active Grants
    Research Group

    The alumni and other graduate students I worked with are listed below:

    • Tanmoy Das, PhD (Su '19), Amazon, CA
    • Rupam Kundu, MS (Sp '19), Qubole, CA
    • Gopi Krishna Tummala, PhD (Au '18), Qualcomm, San Diego, CA
    • Wenjie Zhou, PhD (Au '15), Google, Mountain View, CA
    • Yousi Zheng, PhD (Su '14), Oracle
    • Tarun Bansal, PhD (Su '14), Google, Seattle, CA
    • Dong Li, PhD (Su '14), LinkedIn, Sunnyvale, CA
    • Zhixue Lu, PhD (Su '14), Two Sigma Investments, New York
    • Shengbo Chen, PhD (Su '13), Qualcomm Research, San Diego
    • Dongwook Lee, Postdoc (2004-2007), Samsung, Korea
    • Kai-Wei Fan, PhD (Sp '08), MS (Au '07), Cisco, San Jose, CA
    • Sha Liu, PhD (Sp '08), MS (Sp '08), Walmart Labs, San Francisco
    • Zizhan Zheng, PhD (Sp '10), MS (Sp '09), Asst. Prof., Tulane University
    • Ren-Shiou Liu, PhD (Sp '10), MS (Sp '09), Assistant Professor, Dept. of Industrial and Information Management, National Cheng Kung University
    • Daeyoung Choi, MS (Sp '10), Korea
    Other Graduate Students (OSU students I have advised or co-authored in the past)
    • Ananya Mahanti
    • Jiashang Liu
    • Ai Chen
    • Gayathri Chandrasekaran
    • Hongwei Zhang
    • Vinayak Naik
    • Thang Nam Le


    Past and current courses are listed below:
    • CSE 3461/5461/677: Introduction to Computer Networking (Au '03, Au '04, Au '05, Wi '06, Au '06, Au '07, Au '08, Au '09, Au '11, Wi '13, Sp '15)
    • CSE 5462/678: Network Programming/Intenetworking (Wi '08, Wi '09, Wi '10, Wi '13, Sp '16, Au '16)
    • CSE 777: Telecommunication Networks (Sp '04, Sp '05, Wi '06, Wi '07)
    • CSE 788: Next Generation Wireless Networks (Sp '04, Sp '05, Au '07)
    • CSE 888: Protocol Design for Wireless Networks (Most quarters)

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