The GRAVITY Research Group 

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The GRAphics and VIsualization sTudY (GRAVITY) research group is primarily concerned with large scale data visualization and analysis. Visualization research is at a unique intersection of computer graphics and data analysis and mining. It has been playing an increasingly important role in a wide range of disciplines such as computational sciences, biomedical imaging, visual analytics, and social network data analysis.

Research Synopsis - Prof. Han-Wei Shen and the Gravity Research Group 2011

Faculty Member

Han-Wei Shen

Student Members

Ayan Biswas

Jimmy Chen

Souyma Dutta

Wenbin He

Kewei Lu

Xiaotong Liu

Xin Tong

Ko-Chih Wang

Tzu-Husan Wei

Junpeng Wang

Cheng Li



Abon Choudhuri (’14)

Steve Martin (’13)

Ying Tu (’13, Microsoft)

Boonthanome Nouanesengsy (’12, Los Alamos)

Teng-Yok Lee (’11, Amazon)

Thomas Kerwin (’11, OSC)

Jonathan Woodring

(09, Los Alamos)

Liya Li

(07, nvidia)

Antonia Garcia

(06, Intel)

Chaoli Wang

(06, Mich.Tech)

Guangfeng Ji

(06, Microsoft)

Udeepta Bordoloi

(05, ATI)

Jinzhu Gao

(04, U. of Pacific)


Ju-Yu Huang

Lijie Xu

Guo-Shi Li

(Ph.D. U. of Utah, Exxon Mobil)

Hsin-Ji Wang

Xinyue Li

Research Projects

Research Sponsors