Naeem Shareef

Naeem Shareef Faculty
The Ohio State University
Department of CSE (Computer Science & Engineering)

2015 Neil Ave.
395 Dreese Laboratory
Columbus, OH 43210

Office & Email

Dreese Lab (DL) 250
Phone: (614)-292-5236
Fax: (614)-292-2911
Email: s h a r e e f dot one at osu dot edu

My research interests are in the areas of Computer Graphics, Artificial Intelligence, and Database Systems. I have published in the areas of scientific visualization (volume rendering, iso-surface rendering, large data visualization, and GPU-based methods), medical visualization, image-based rendering, as well as volume and image segmentation. I have taught extensively in most all areas of Computer Science at OSU (both the Main and Mansfield campuses) and Wittenberg University.

Course coordinator: CSE 1222 Introduction to Computer Programming in C++ for Engineers and Scientists
Introduction to computer programming and to problem solving techniques using computer programs with applications in engineering and the physical sciences; algorithm development; programming lab experience

Autumn 2016 Teaching

Office hours: TBD

(CSE 3521) Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
(CSE 3901) Project: Design, Development, and Documentation of Web Applications

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